Has it really been 1 YEAR?

Twas three days before Christmas exactly one year (and a day) ago –  December 23, 2011, that this random idea to start a Blog became a reality. I had no idea what it would be about but oh how it has evolved; from my photos to my artworks to my new life in another country … we went through it all!

I’ve seen and done some amazing things and I’m so glad I have them all here so that when I’m old and grey and my memories have fully faded – I can relive them all.

It with great pride and a bit of regret (because I am a day late) that I congratulate myself for being in a committed relationship with this Blog for a year. I know things have been pretty dormant around here but I thought I’d give my brain a break and just enjoy my holiday. It’s winding down though so I’m getting back into work mode …. now if only I can start waking up early again.

Saw this idea on SIRTILC42  and asked if I could use the idea of a year in wrap up so as promised here’s your shout out!!! Mad love to you! (I have much catching up to do on your blog :O)

  • As of right now, I have 12,260 views with 12/12/12  being the day that I hit 12,000 views 😀 Yay!
  • This is my 120th post 🙂
  • I’ve probably changed my layout around 7 times … today included 😀
  • July 2012 has been my most active month with 1858 views. Bless your heart summer – possibly the most exciting part of my year!
  • Other than the home page, my most viewed post has been Shy followed by the post on St. Hilda’s 50th – which is quite interesting considering that I had for a short while removed it due to … you know what – let’s not get into the details.
  • The top five countries who read my insanity (in order Since Feb 25 this year when they included this feature) are: Jamaica, United States, Canada, United Kingdom & Germany.
  • Even got quite a few hits from people in Indonesia, Slovenia, Japan and Sweden among others too! Trinidad – with my biggest fan Don 🙂 Montserrat must be Linda hehehe

As I started picking my favourite posts I realized that the only reason I’d have blogged about it was because it was a great experience for me sooooooo this was really hard.

  1. Had a Christmas Disaster followed by a New Years Eve Miracle
  2. REkindled my relationship with Paint + Paper + Water
  3. …Then Experienced a Night on Stone Mountain in Atlanta Georgia
  4. Had my first taste of Fall
  5. Finished my first semester at SCAD – Getting Up to date…
  6. Had an awesome weekend with KeV n realized that in Savannah you’re Never short of things to see!
  7. Got more culturally acquainted with the Chinese at Festival of the Moon
  8. Took a gi-normous leap and started Grad school! Here’s to my Future….May it be Bright! and A-Z of my new place (Part 2)
  9. Finally got to port Royal – thanks KeV and oh – they were privateers, not pirates!
  10. ‘Bess’ believe I enjoyed that  amazing South Coast trip with my awesome cousins, Dad, Whorms & Sylvie (be nice to her – she owns St. Bess.
  11. I fell in love … with more Jamaican scenery
  12. Made it my mission To get to Grand Gala
  14. Surprised my lil sis and screamed …Till a voice says scream no more
  15. Drew some more cool stuff in Graphite!
  16. Celebrated  Jamaica 50 – With St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School
  17. Had a fantastic birthday and tried to sum it up into SEVEN of many memorable moments

Seriously there were jut so many memorable moments!!! I’m having a hard time shutting up.





And I’m still here. Wondering what 2013 will bring!

13 thoughts on “Has it really been 1 YEAR?

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  2. It was recently my first blogging anniversary as well. What a year it had been. My point of inspiration changed greatly, but that’s life. Well, holding my morning coffee cup in the air now and saying “to 2013, may we prosper with writing inspiration!” 🙂

  3. Excellent and congratulations my dear! Isn’t it amazing fun, though! I love your fresh approach, you have a great “voice”! I just wrote my 360th post… They really add up! Thanks for reminding me of some of your great posts of the past year. I might do a similar survey myself on New Year’s Eve or something… Warmest wishes for the season, and good luck with everything in 2013!

    • 🙂 Thank you so much! They really do add up though! I’m surprised as well. Hope to keep it up in the upcoming year..

      360! Niceeee let’s have a party at 400 🙂 THey really do add up – and fast! Hope you enjoyed the selection .. I had such a hard time choosing lol but it was fun to look bac.

      You should do a ear in… looking forward to seeing that one! Find the Sunday with the most good news too 🙂 Have a peaceful Holiday as well .. I’m in Florida now and it’s pretty warm 😀 YAY!

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