I fell in love …

It was one of those ‘love at first sight’ moments – which I never thought I believed in until now. I saw ‘him’ from afar and my mind started reeling. As I cautiously approached, unaware of what I was heading into I felt excitement and yes, the ‘butterflies in your stomach’ effect. We flirted for a while; or was it all in my head? Then came that indescribable moment when finally we were standing face to face –  literally took my breath away.  I pictured happiness, a wedding no doubt! Fireworks blazing across the perfect sky. I fell in love!

😀 Ha HA Ha so terribly sorry to disappoint (and I know I have) but if you knew me well enough then you should know better than to think the object of my affection could ever be a mortal; though I must admit that I fell again later …. but that’s another story.

Hope you all love the photos as much as I do! Comments welcome. Seriously though …. I was star struck. Volunteers to help me dig up this place and plant it in my backyard are also welcome to confirm your intent to help in the message box below! 😀


Then if that weren’t enough .. the evening came. I turned around just in time to have my heart stop again. 5 minutes later and it would have completely missed me!

N.B. Please do not use any of these photos without first seeking my permission
The only editing done was the addition of my logo. I love you AUSTIN!

Will be telling you more about how i stumbled on such a gorgeous place in another post…. till then!



15 thoughts on “I fell in love …

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      • Oh yes, I remember that place from many years ago. They used to have a nice little white sand beach, but I hear it got polluted from some horrible Spanish hotel that was built next door. I hope that’s fixed now. I remember the villas there are quite nice.

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