Before I ‘Kick the Bucket’ Let me not forget to ….

Some time ago (two months yesterday to be exact!) I was inspired by the bucket list of an ‘Introvert Mind‘ [DISCLAIMER: Link is NOT rated PG so …yea, at your own risk] and told him that I was gonna try putting one together. Mark you, mine isn’t as exciting, daring or somewhat illegal. I can’t help being a practical person I suppose but this is one to haunt me years later. So here we go … in no particular order:

  1. Own a summer house in ST. LUCIA – I’m so in love with that island 😀
  2. Run a marathon – I keep chickening out from this but I REALLY WANT TO DO IT
  3. Gain Hips and bigger ‘boobage’ – so far I can think of one way to achieve that … well two …
  4. Paint a Mural in a public place – like somewhere people occupy in the hundreds at least on a daily basis *Ambitious much?!*
  5. Have an exhibition at an Art Festival – and have my pieces SELL OFF
  6. Watch a scary/horror movie without closing my eyes – Might be next to impossible but .. let’s see!
  7. Figure out how to stop my tear-ducts from ‘leaking’ so much – I think I might be able to cross this one off soon
  8. Drive over Flat Bridge [and hopefully without having a stroke or heart attack]
  9. Climb a mountain – The summit skydrive @ Stone Mountain doesn’t count
  10. Make ice cream from scratch
  11. Meet a prince – missed my chance this trip but I’ll catch the next one!
  12. Get a social life
  13. Dye my hair – and I’m talking about an EXTREME looking colour
  14. Go Sky diving or do some crazy ‘ish up in the air
  15. Travel to Paris, Italy, Panama, Puerto Rico….more to be disclosed
  16. Do a professional photo-shoot at an amazing and historic location
  17. Start my Caribbean architecture magazine – yet to be named
  18. Design and build a sunken garden @ the back of my house 😀
  19. Hide out on a deserted island for a month
  20. Sing and get crazy at a Karaoke night
  21. Jump at Mass Camp (Long over due!)
  22. Write and record a song (I started …)
  23. Camp out in the Blue Mountains
  24. Buy an old building and restore it
  25. Raft along the Rio Grande
  26. Experience at least 3 of the 7 Wonders of the World
  27. Learn to swim
  28. Go skinny dipping  😛
  29. Learn a new language
  30. Jump off the cliff at Ricks Cafe’ – def. after I learn how to swim 🙂
  31. Take a helicopter ride over Jamaica
  32. Learn the tango
  33. Become a Billionaire (Thankx Dicia)
  34. Keep a boyfriend for more than three months (Obviously this is in the DISTANT future and was real close to not making my list)
  35. Think of 65 more things to add to this list 😀

What else should I add? Let me know.

9 thoughts on “Before I ‘Kick the Bucket’ Let me not forget to ….

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  3. Interesting. You know, you are missing the key to all of this! This should be number 0.1 since there is already a number one, “Become a millionaire”……..

  4. DWL You would def. love that one 😛 That one I can’t guarantee… there’s a greater chance I’ll learn to swim and jump off Ricks cliff

    Thankx! I do plan to .. need a ‘get rich’ plan!

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