SUMFEST and all its frills

No doubt that this event has been digested in the minds of many already but for me it could very well have ended yesterday for me.

Z Band

Terribly sorry that my account is so late but I blame time for not warning me that it would move faster than usual! [to make myself not look too bad, I shall be back dating this 🙂 GENIUS!] That and the fact that there’s just been so much going on I don’t even know where to begin. I had the grand experience of being at Reggae Sumfest and best of all on the 50th year of our independence the show was set to be one of the greatest. Being my first one [and first stage show of any kind for that matter – shhhhh doa judge], I had nothing to compare it with so forgive me if I sound overly excited. My main job though was to take photos of as many persons at the venue and get them displayed on the large screens at the Gleaner booth. That proved to be quite fun and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it though it took a mighty toll on me. After all, I am an introvert at heart.

The HIGHS [That I can recall]

I finally got to meet Konshens on Dancehall Night and that totally made my night as well as getting to be close to the stage to watch the performance.  Even though I was looking pretty ‘pop down’ I took my photo op; thanks Shaun. Big up to whatsupnytv.

Exchange is no robbery I learned after taking the photo of a couple who turned out to be radio presenters for Hitz FM. I returned the favour by agreeing to be interviewed! (Hope no one heard I know heard me ’cause boy was I nervous!)

Working the crowd gave me the chance to figure out what was hot and what was far from that with regards to fashion! Boy did I see some things!

Missed quite a bit of the on-stage performances as a result of being at odd locations in the crowd but without a doubt Mr. ‘Singy Singy’ Tarus Riley and Tessanne were my favourites for International Night 1. Trey Songz (though I still can’t understand why he saw it fit to wear what he did) was pretty cool but I think he got way too much stage time. After a while it felt like he was singing the same song over and over. Murmurs in the audience echoed my sentiments exactly!

The mini show at one of the Digicel booths was also pretty good. That lady who stared in I-Octane’s performance is probably still smiling now! Finally, the fireworks proved to be quite a show!

Though in my humble opinion Protoje and Damion Marley took it for me on international Night 2,  Shabba was by far the crowd favourite and thrilled his captivated audience with his wild antics and timeless songs. There were others that I enjoyed as well but thanks to my bad memory…

Shout outs to the wonderful people I met: Shaun, Tammy B, Marlon, Natasha…… was great!

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