Lessons from Driving Miss Daisy

I sat up till 2:30 the other night watching ‘Driving Miss Daisy’, an old film released in my birth year (google it :P) and I felt inspired to write about it… Prior to this, I’d only associated the said name to the ‘Dudus’ incident as told by Ity and Fancy Cat. It was a mix of everything, comedy a little (and I mean little) action and suspense but it was really that feisty ‘Miss Daisy’ who got me all choked up towards the end.

I picked up a few reminders too:

  • Some people may have a mean, hardcore exterior but inside they are desperately crying out for help. With that said it isn’t easy at times to ask for help.
  • Change is a constant but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to accept them as they come.
  • Death is inevitable; it may happen without warning but we all have to end ‘cycle of life’ eventually
  • Humility is a wonderful thing!
  • And finally, there are times when “I wouldn’t [want to] be in your shoes [even] if the Sweet Lord Jesus come down and asked me” (Idella) but I won’t judge you.
With this fresh in my memory, the series of events that followed really put things into perspective. I happened to pass my grandmother’s room shortly after watching the movie. To my surprise she was sitting at the foot of the bed and looking really sad. The’ terrible Toya’ toyed with the idea of pretending I saw nothing but when I really looked at her I could see her frustration. It then hit me; there was once a time when she was cleaning up after her seven children. She was the one doing all the cooking, washing and sewing (she made my dollys some real fancy stuff with hemmed tails, collars, button holes neatly stitched….), the matriarch. Now at 94, (and counting…I was recently told that I have a distant cousin who lived to 120 *woi*) she trusts us to take care of her and handle her regular tantrums, lapses of all sorts and mood swings, she deserves that and more but I haven’t been quite the forgiving and patient grand-daughter. I apologize. It’s not easy though when my mind tells me that she purposefully does some of those things and that she has a vendetta against me.
Last night, I watched it again with Mommy (Don’t judge, it was that good in my opinion and I heard stuff I didn’t the first time around!) and at the end I saw that we both yanked off our glasses and started wiping eyes and sniffing at the same time. *We can’t help being emotional* It was indeed a heart warming tear jerker!

7 thoughts on “Lessons from Driving Miss Daisy

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  2. Think I’m gonna watch that, although I’m not into that kinda touchy-feely stuff. That reminds me, I’m out of toilet paper…

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