…Till a voice says scream no more

*Warning …. be prepared to laugh out loud near the end .. as much as these photos may prove to be embarrassing, I can’t help but laugh every time I look at them, so, I thought I’d share*

So On the third Day of July  a couple years back .. my lil sis was born  … but on the Seventh day of July 2012 plans were put in place to celebrate her turning 21 in an unforgettable way!

 She was not very pleased that we blindfolded her almost the entire way but it just seemed much more fun

 to torture and leave her in suspense. Can’t begin to imagine how horrified she must have felt to have no sight and be hearing terrified shrieks filling the air. When she finally decided to open her eyes … I would say she was quite surprised! Alas… I’ve gotten ahead of myself and subsequently have left you in the dark – The bumpy ride landed us in Free Hill Bamboo at a place called H’Evans Scent. Quite a lovely location packed with activities to keep us (some of my sister’s closest friends and I) totally engaged.

“This is going to be interesting…”

Though I have zip lined before, that didn’t seem to matter as I was as nervous and rattled as one could possibly be. After climbing what seemed like a million steps to my impending demise, I was quite ready to chicken out. Unfortunately for me I got a lovely push that sent me flying God knows how many feet above ground and through the air. YES MY MOUTH WAS OPEN THE ENTIRE TIME> Are you sure you didn’t hear me screaming?

Mentally preparing for what was to come but ….

…Nothing could have made me ready.

As if that was not enough of a heart attack inducer, the next ride proved to be even more terrifying though it is far from obvious when you look at this next photo of the brave crew …. with the exception of one who shall remain nameless! 🙂

Looks like some people are having quite a great time up there!

Swinging through the air!

Unfortunatly for me .. I was seated between the worse two people to go on such a ride with. That was them telling me what to do if the mechanics went haywire and we got thrown off.

….I don’t even think I need to explain this one!

When that ordeal was over, I did what any sane person would do…. I kissed the ground I was so glad I could once again walk on and swore I would never do that again … yah right … that’s what i said the last time

So  maybe I’m not that big a chicken … what’s that to you??!!


6 thoughts on “…Till a voice says scream no more

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  3. hehehe .. well it’s a swing .. they slowly lift you high in the air .. then when you least expect it they let you go ….. felt like my entire insides were gonna fly out of my poor lil body! WOI!

  4. Very funny photos! It’s just like a ski lift, right? I did that in Japan a few times as it was the only way to get to the top of a mountain. Not keen on cable cars, though – they sway around and I always think of those adventure movies where the bad guys attack them! Noooo… You are not a chicken!!

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