A-Z of my new place


Some time ago a fellow blogger Whatevertheyaint posted an A-Z of random thoughts. I quite liked the idea and commented that I would try it some time. 🙂 this seemed as good a time as any so here’s my attempt at that! I cheated a bit .. conveniently forgot the letters that follow ‘X’ 😀 Enjoy! After I click post it’s on to finishing my three chapters for class tomorrow! The work is on and I’m really trying to stay on top of things as best as I can.

As many of you may know by now, I am in Savannah and I’m loving it. I’m currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design -where I’m in enrolled in the Master of Architecture program.


My school building at sunset 🙂

But wishing I’d brought more of my local food as I haven’t seen the brands on shelf. Yes…. I’ve been lovingly staring at my coronation bun, afraid to open it because that would simply mean it’ll be finished in a few days.

City is gorgeous though 🙂 though I’ve been getting hopelessly lost and frustrated in the process.

Dad reminded me that it takes a while. Don’t know why I thought otherwise or why my map mysteriously disappears every time I need it!

Everyone here is friendly and thoughtful – with one or two exceptions (that’s expected) but I’ve never felt completely out of place or undermined.

Funny though that when I say Jamaica – everyone says ‘Bolt!’ and ask if I run fast. HA!…. not one Bob Marley so far! Hmmnn. P.S The person who thought Jamaica was in Africa has been properly informed now 🙂

Gotta admit – Jamaica is hot but like UWI, I’m positive that Savannah has its own SUN! Heat tun up! Actually I think I’m doing much better at coping with it these days! Finding my way into more shaded areas that have in turn led to me making exciting new discoveries. Nice!

Looking towards the SCAD Art Museum – I’ll give you a tour one day

Haven’t taken my camera out much for fear of getting hit over by a car while simultaneously crossing the road and trying to get a shot – WHAT! Anything is possible!

I have finally unpacked everything in my room and I think it’s looking decent ish …still working on it.

Rear entrance to my Hall of Residence

the front

Just thought you’d like to know that I met one other Jamaican on the first day of orientation! Wore my favorite earrings on the first day and he scoped me out in no time! Met another the next day.

Keep reading … hoping these random thoughts tell a decent story 🙂

Losing faith in this bus system! I just can’t understand how  I can be tracking it on my laptop and still missing it in the mornings KMT man! What’s the trick?? I later realized that I’d been tracking the wrong building .. OOPS

My flat mates are a bundle of Awesomeness! So far so good .. hope it stays that way too! Made Escovitched fish, festivals and rice n peas (without the peas :S) for them on Sunday (that is a story and a half!) OH I am getting pretty proficient in using Chop Sticks. Quite impressed at how patient I’ve been in learning.

‘New kid on the block’ – that’s how I felt on the first day of school. Navigating the school building was another challenge that I am slowly overcoming. thankful for the helpful people who try their best to direct me. The first day was crappy to put it ‘nicely’ but after I calmed down and analysed the situation I realize that things really weren’t that bad.

Otherwise, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve found a safe route to get back home from in town! No more horrific highways to contend with. STILL HOPING TO CATCH A BUS SOON! Yah ….. I got it right eventually! 

Purple seems to be my choice colour! Subconsciously I’ve been buying a whole lot of purple items! It exploded in my room!


All sorted out!

Quite disappointed that I missed Fashion Night Out… think I misread the date. Was really looking forward to that experience 😦

Rain! It started out as a wayward drop then before I knew it the umbrella was barely managing to offer me adequate shelter. Imagine that happening while at an ATM Machine. P.S. The ones here don’t have the convenient booth that you can lock yourself into :S

Sixty Dollars to get my hair done! .. seems that I’ll be going natural :S Decided to wash my hair this evening – it’s in a crazy state right now! Will flat-iron tomorrow and hope I don’t look like a hot mess.

Thinking about going on one of those ‘ghost tours’ they offer in the night – Imagine riding in a hearse around Savannah hehe .. Spookily cool!

Until that opportunity presents itself though .. I’ll just continue to tour by foot.

Visualizing a cheese patty right now …feel free to ship one to me 🙂

Went on a boat ride near Tybee Island and saw dolphins. They were so sneaky ..waited till I wasn’t looking or my camera was focused elsewhere to jump out!

X-tremely grateful for the love and support I’ve been feeling from you all back home! Thanks. Strangely  don’t think I’m homesick. Just feel a little disconnected despite having internet access. Enjoyed the few days when (due to a system error) I was able to freely make calls and send text to Jamaica. That was Fantastic.

You won’t believe my initial luck: for four days and two hours I could have very well have been in Jamaica! Though I now wish I’d maximized on the opportunity I was quite glad to have unlimited calls and text. When my call service caught up and ceased that ability, I was literally depressed – for about ten minutes. I suppose reality partially struck – there was a missing link between me and the people I care about.

zip a dee doo dah, I actually came back and finished the alphabet! 😀

Well as stated previously .. I don’t know all of my alphabet 😛 but I am sure that won’t affect me succeeding in my course!



15 thoughts on “A-Z of my new place

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  3. I like your A-Z better than mine. You’rs makes more sense:-) And I love the photos! Always wanted to go to Savannah and now the pics make me want to even more; that just might turn out to be my next vacation spot. “Savannah has it’s own sun” LOL. Girl, the entire South has it’s own sun! I think it is more of a humidity kind of heat than anywhere else. Best wishes on school:-)

    • Awww thank you! Especially for the inspiration to try this! I like how it turned out. Yes you will love the architecture here and there is so much haven’t even gotten to! Give me a link when you get here 🙂

      hhahha I agree … strangely getting sued to it and been trying to remember to wear sunscreen! A thing I’d never think about using back home! This sun nuh normal!

      Thank you mucho!! 🙂

  4. Thanks for making me a part of your Journey Toya….I enjoy being there with you every step of they way…and when those days come when u seemingly look lost in space and wander around on campus without any aim…make sure u have a friend a long or invest in a bottle of mace…Love you lots homegirl and keep up the good work!

    • Welcome Roomie! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy it. Really glad I have this medium to keep in touch with everyone. When I feel alone I look at my comments and remember that I have so many wonderful people constantly thinking about me and wishing me well!

      This campus is in the main town so there are no boundary walls lol but I was walking with a pencil in hand today! Haven’t really made any friends yet and my flatmates all do different courses but that’s ok.

    • thank you! 😀 Think it’s my fav too! Sometimes I get lost trying to find a place but I look around and all I’m seeing are gorgeous buildings – forget my predicament for a moment – helps to calm me down!

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