Arr! Beware of Pirates …

Ahoy Matey! So I went to “Little Port Royal” and I took myself away – back to the days of the Gentlemen o’ Fortune and booty. I promise you I’m not loaded to the Gunwales; I only tried one spoon of pineapple rum! (Also available in mango but don’t ask me which brand it was :s)

Confused? I couldn’t resist the urge to learn a new ‘language’ for this post! *Sigh* Alas, it’s harder than I thought it would have been! – Reverts to ENGLISH! (sortah)

I’ve been to this amazing place before but even though we didn’t do everything, I think that I truly experienced it today with my cousin (big up to you my assistant blog photographer!) and uncle and I just had to share it with you!

Tide was high but we held on!

Apparently Jamaica caught wind of Britain’s storm woes and of course thought it best to get in on that action. So instead of the heat; which I could feel fighting to regain power, the chill was on and boy was it windy! That being said, I wasn’t particularly happy to be sporting a bikini top and shorts especially since I looked like a plucked chicken for half the day. You let me down sun!

Where do I even begin with today’s expedition?

Ahoy from the land of the pirates!

You know what, I’ll just let some photos do the talking and sum it up with a few witty captions! Enjoy and do COMMENT!

Hit tha road Jack

He was so intimidating, I just couldn’t decide if I should ask him if I could take a photo with him lest I be sentenced to ‘walk the plank!’

So yes, I had to add this one, as it’s been my second sighting of such a sink and once again it was outdoors! Quite interesting … will be put in my beach house (Yes! Mi fast forward)

Random Shot

Architecture and some random man climbing … yes there seems to have been quite alot of athletic pirates!

Yo -ho-ho! Don’t let me goo matey!

All Hail the Queen of the ‘Booty’

Lass of Class 😛 Contemplating going into the water ….

Sharkiee – didn’t swim with them though

Jolly Roger and the dolphin, which brings me to…

…Shanny’s Best Moment! 🙂

Kayaking proved to be quite the adventure and the highlight of my day! I was so enthused, you would never believe that I had never tried it before! Mark you it’s not for the Lily-livered! Even now I’m still hearing Right Left Right Left LEFT LEFT LEEEEEEFFFFTTTT!!!!!! As we desperately tried to avoid rocks and even worse the gi-normous waves that were coming in! EXCITING STUFF 😀


Sorry I didn’t take any photos of the sting rays but I’ll share some cool facts that I learned about them!

  1. The Females are waaayy larger than the males (hush guys) and they can grow up to 12 ft long.  Shiver mi timbers!
  2. BUT the males have been compensated for that unfair reality! They dominate none the less with not one but TWO pee-pees!!! *pervy smile*

Random Points:

  • Lunch wasn’t as impressive as I’d hoped it would have been, especially for that price *cough* but it didn’t ruin the day for me!
  • I quite liked the service there and you could tell that the staff members are really into their job! I don’t envy them though when the weather’s bad but on a good day – everything is just great!

After a lovely day we kiss the Buccaneer goodbye


All’s Well that ends well

So, have you guess where I went yet? No? LAME of you! Go save some money and visit –

P.S. Those cool ‘pirate’ terms I picked up were from

27 thoughts on “Arr! Beware of Pirates …

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  3. This was wonderful, i laughed the whole way though! Funny, exciting and cool! So glad you had fun and could have shared this.

    🙂 i have never been and you kinda have me jellin but i am sure i will make it there one day 🙂

    • Awesome!!! lol It’s a pretty cool experience…. and i didn’t even do everything that was included in the package! Next time you guys get to this side take a trip there!

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