…Then Experienced a Night on Stone Mountain

Part 2 .

Here’s the first in case you missed that post – I climbed Stone Mountain…

The sun faded away bringing on a chill that made me regret stashing my second sweater in the car. I hoped that the night’s entertainment would be enough to distract me from realizing that I was very cold.

I absolutely enjoyed the 4-D animated movie and would still love to know where that water came from and how the hell they managed to blow wind in everyone’s back.  Very realistic I tell you 🙂

We missed the last glass blowing demonstration for the night but walked around in the store where some of the items made were for sale and on display (pendants, glass ornaments like the one below and more). You know who was sure to keep all hands in pockets and look but don’t touch.


The lights strung up on the trees were absolutely beautiful and lit up the place oh so elegantly as we walked around ‘the marketplace’



Macro at its best – I can imagine the strange looks I got while trying to take a photo of a pepper light but oh well… I love the end result.

IMG_9908at 6pm (yup place was dark from about 5:30) we waited for the Crossroads Christmas parade to begin and saw characters from the various shows parade to the meet and greet area for ‘Santa and his wife’ 



The Sing-Along Christmas Train took us all around Stone Mountain… at this point Austin rebelled against the cold and refused to take any photos at one point. Thankfully I found just the right setting to get these and a few more I like.


We made one quick stop to visit Mrs. Lacey and hear her version of the Christmas story with the aid of special lighting effects.


These two clowns made several attempts to spoil most of my favourite Christmas songs but it was …. different … in a pleasant way. Check them out on twitter if you’re feeling idle enough.


A bit more of the decorated paths along the way. This one lit up in time to numerous carols being played.



This is supposed to be a gi-normous Christmas tree


A Crossroads Christmas Carol retold Charles Dickens classic story in a humour way. One person played numerous characters…cross dressing included lol


Toyrific! Four misfit toys learn that they have far more to offer than they thought as they attempt to ‘save Christmas’ Quite enjoyable for all ages … or maybe I’m just a kid at heart!


Then the grand finale: The snow Angel made it ‘snow’ then cued a rather short-lived firework display. It was more of a foamy Christmas than a white one but I quite enjoyed it while scalding my tongue on a delicious but super hot – hot chocolate. :S Is that how you write it?

IMG_0024 IMG_0030

I do believe it was a full moon partially hidden by a tree!


On the way home we stopped in one of the housing areas to see their Christmas displays (yes dem previous eehhh) I would love to know what relation alligators have to Christmas but then were that in Jamaica I could very well see the relativity,


and finally … ’cause you know I won’t be wishing you on the day ….



7 thoughts on “…Then Experienced a Night on Stone Mountain

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  2. Absolutely beautiful photos. I love the jumping on the mountain one! Your parents must be so proud of you! You really brought it to life.

    • hehe glad you enjoyed!

      I forgot another interesting observation ALL the attractions exited into a gift shop or worse .. a candy shop :O ….. it’s like they went out of their way to make sure you are tempted to spend more money than you planned to!

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