Fall for me

Between sleeping and shopping (will give you the history on that in a few – right after I hide my card) I have hardly had time for the computer *shocked face*. Naturally there is a lovely back log of things to share sooo though I should tell you about how I braved it and went on my first Black Friday experience, instead you’ll now get a taste of fall! 🙂

One of the things I love about Marietta or perhaps Georgia overall are the trees and the undulating landscapes. A drive around a section of the city proved just how versatile the place really is. Otherwise I have realized that it is indeed a small world. Was in a store trying on shoes, (yes I’ve morphed into a girly girl these days …. hide the card I tell you) when I heard a familiar voice call to me. Looked up and sure enough there was a friend of mine from St Ann. Too small a world I tell you. Best to be on my best behaviour at all times! No telling who I’ll see next.

The sun was bright out but it was still rather chilly. My scarf is definitely my best friend 😀 What a gorgeous and fiery red maple tree.

I can imagine how annoyed the home owners are by the constant need to rake the yard but look at how beautiful it is! I say leave it 🙂

One of the many random lakes that popped up along the way.

In Marietta Square

…very kid friendly!

We stopped in a cupcake shop that I hear won Cupcake Wars on one of the food channels sometime ago! Delicious red velvet cupcake (instantly thought of Pastry Passions)

then it was on to the trick shop!


I have a thing for standing in the middle of the road or in this case tracks. Luckily for me the train was far away so I lived to tell the tale 😛
/>and I did it again!

The final stop was the Marietta National Cemetery which is home to one of five monumental masonry archways that originally served as the formal entrance to national cemeteries found in the South. It was established in 1866 to provide a suitable resting place for the nearly 10,000 Union dead from Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign. Threw in the rest of the photos in the slideshow below. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And as always – all good things must come to an end when the sun sets on yet another cool day.<IMG_9474

9 thoughts on “Fall for me

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  2. Yo that cemetery is incredible!!!!

    And about “fall” – I guess that’s something you’d never experience in Jamaica. I like to say I hate where I’m from because it’s too cold but I have to admit that fall is spectacular in Canada.

    • It is! everyone seems to think it’s overly creepy and morbid lol

      True but it is a lovely sight!? Yes? Well sadly I haven’t enough guts to make me want to go to Canada at this time of the year but I’m sure it really is beautiful.

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