Never short of things to see!

I love it when I get to walk around and do a bit of exploring. Haven’t done much lately though but hope to make up for that soon!

My latest adventure was when KeV came to visit (Yes I do realize that was nearly a month ago *ok maybe not that long ago, almost though*) I don’t know about him but I walked ’till my feet hurt. Was great though. Also got to quite a few museums …. yet to come I guess.

Thought I’d break down these photos into categories. Consider it my best of Savannah. Enjoy and PLEASE let me now which one(s) your favourite.

P.S. I do realize that many of my Jamaican viewers may not see this for now thanks to Sandy. Hope you all are keeping well .. Love and prayers go out to you during this time of trouble.

Savannah Scenes
Savannah Scenes

Think this is my favourite shot
Savannah Scenes
Savannah Scenes

Doing whatever it takes to get the shot

Flora and Fauna/Parks and recreation
Savannah Scenes

The distinct Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) found on many live oaks. Was actually used as stuffing for mattresses…. think you can then understand how the term ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite’ came into being..
Savannah Scenes

As always I had to stop to take photos of the flowers
Savannah Scenes

In one of the squares!
Savannah Scenes

Davenport House’s courtyard
Savannah Scenes

…a closer look. It is simply beautiful!

Savannah Scenes

Josephs Coat?
Savannah Scenes

The sprawling trees add charm to a simple street light
Savannah Scenes

Gorgeous fountain at Forsyth Park

Civic Pride:
Savannah Scenes

Part of a memorial for persons who died fighting in the war

RANDOMNESS that I couldn’t resist sharing:

pweddy gurl with a Savannah Flower in her hair. Made by the homeless lady with dreams of getting to Jamaica to hear the men singing on the road side…. Now you know that I was NOT going to be the one to burst her bubble.

Savannah ScenesYea … they really are some ‘interesting’ points of view out there! Here are two. (Booth at Oktoberfest celebration on River Street)


18 thoughts on “Never short of things to see!

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  2. Okay, that does it, I’m going to Savannah! LOL How far is this from Atlanta; do you know? Not far, right? (Mind already churning, trying to figure out a way to get a REAL vaca next year and not just one where I spend a week at the house washing clothes, ironing, and cooking:-)

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