Celebrating Jamaica 50 – With St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School

It’s been a while since I’ve made a new post but this one has been brewing for quite some time. I cast part of the blame on my internet service provider [shall remain nameless – for now] for constantly dropping my connection and the other to this sudden over kill of tiredness that has unmotivated me from being around the computer as much as usual. The days have become unusually short and I’m still trying to accept the fact that time will only continue to race on.  

 More than ten days late but better than never! June 15th found me on a hill overlooking an epic background and a sight that made me happy to declare that yes, I once went to this school. The St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School proudly declared that they too had a part to play in celebrating Jamaica 50. Check out this brief write-up in The north Coast Times.

I missed most of the opening ceremony but arrived while the keynote speaker was delivering possibly a brilliant message (unfortunately I could not hear it very well). When that ended the St. Hilda’s Dancers delivered a well choreographed gala dance performance that really deserved an encore.


This I believe was the perfect backdrop for this event. The heat was on though!


My favourite photo of the day – I see that it’s become quite popular 🙂

After, it was on to the Highlight of the day; the opening of the Legacy Village. I’ll retype the description which was written on two sheets of cartridge paper at the entrance (with a bit of paraphrasing on my part):

Welcome to Legacy Village [where] the Journey continues…

…As Jamaica celebrates 50 years of independence let us reminisce on the past and also focus on the future. This village captures The Evolution of our People, our ability to dream, adapt, adopt, conquer and transform. It is not difficult to [be amazed] at the imagination of our people: a unique combination of cultures which makes us ‘Out of Many, One People’ and truly Jamaican.

Society begins in our schools, villages raise children and the church provides faith and sustenance. Together these facets shape who we are and this determines where we go from here.

Hope you can read all the descriptions, wanted to share way to many photos to list out as I would normally and sadly everything is looking mighty blurry at this time of the night.

I really laud the dedication of  Mr. Wynter, Mrs Callum and the other teachers who were responsible for this! I was so impressed with the quality and the keen attention to detail that was paid [donkey ears!!] and how unbelievably realistic it all is. The students did a wonderful job and I’m sure that they are feeling really proud of themselves at this moment. Really hope that this will be an inspiration to many and it truly speaks to how creative we are and that more persons will be able to visit and enjoy the displays. I think it will be open for quite some time! Still smiling and vividly remembering my day.

DISCLAIMER: If you’d rather see all this for yourself then please do not view the slideshow 🙂 Be sure to let me know how you found it though!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Things haven’t seemed to change that much

 [All photos were taken by me – Latoya Gail Campbell. Kindly seek my permission before reproducing …]

32 thoughts on “Celebrating Jamaica 50 – With St. Hilda’s Diocesan High School

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  2. Great shots looking down to the town from the quad and also that showing the front of the school from the side of the chapel. I visited the village this past weekend but had to leave before seeing all so really appreciate your coverage.


      • My name is Alyssa Clarke and im a student at St Hilda’s and im really glad that you could get all this and share It with others. Its still up and running. I was one of the gala dancers and the gramophone belongs to my father. Please keep writing and sharing with others who don’t have the privilege to experience stuff like these.

        • Awe 🙂 You have made my night! That was a splendid performance that is still vivid in my memory. Thanks for viewing and I’m glad you like the coverage I’ve given.

          AWESOME! It’s really great that it still works. Keep it safe 🙂

          Wish you all the best as you continue your high school journey and beyond!

  3. I went to St Hilda’s in 1985 only for 1 year, bu these pictures certainly brought back memories. My gingham uniform was made by my grandma on her Singer sewing machine! Awesome, awesome pictures:)

  4. Great coverage but could you remove some of the pictures from your blog so that it does not serve as a deterrent for those who should come to visit?

  5. Awesome! Deneisha told me it wasn’t open to the public u know -__- I was there the week b4 and the night b4 and saw some of the stuff…excellent detail indeed

    • Hmmnnnn it isn’t well well I need to edit that bit before I get into trouble lol will ask Mr. Wynter about it. I have heard that it will be there till sometime in summer so I do hope that anyone can visit or at least make some form of arrangements!

  6. Another marvelous blog post! I love your vignettes of different Jamaican places. The photos are absolutely great – the wonderful view of the school and the town behind. Superb. Oh, my mother used to have a Singer sewing machine like that in England when we were kids – exactly the same design. She used to make all our clothes when we were little – money was short in those post-war years. Congratulations to St. Hilda’s – a superb idea for Jamaica 50, something really tangible.

    • Thank you! It was a-MAZING! and the student tour guides were totally in character .. one would have thought they lived through the eras! Have toons more photos but didn’t want to over do it!

      I really am in love with that view! it’s splendid. Wonder how much I appreciated it back in school. lol that sounds cool! My grandmother had one as well! She made clothes for me and even my lil rag doll – complete with collars, button holes neatly stitched, and hemmed tails~ Fond memories!

      • The view is perfect. Those photographs would make wonderful paintings… The guides remind me of going to see historic sites in the U.S. – old colonial buildings etc. There is usually a very informative guide dressed in the period and who often behaves and speaks in character, actually playing the part …It’s an excellent idea, it brings history to life.

        • It really all does! I would love to paint it .. but I think that would be me .. biting way more than I can swallow lol but who knows … can never hurt to give it a try! Would be a large one!

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