Here’s to my Future….May it be Bright!

… When I started this post it was entitled ‘How Dark is my FUTURE?’ Since then I guess I’ve somewhat changed my outlook on things and instead tried to be more optimistic. Yay me! 

One purpose of this blog was to inspire me to be committed to something. I was at a point where everyday was not one I eagerly greeted. So far so good. It has been almost a year! [kinda, sortah] Quite fun too to look back at all the stuff I’ve been up to – feel free to do the same … I’ve made over 80 posts! :O but I digress. For as long as I can remember I’ve been a writer and I will declare without shame that I am no good at public speaking. (Recalls the number of Studio Presentations that sent me running out the room bawling my eyes out ’cause I couldn’t remember anything about my project [that I slaved over for weeks] and the well written ‘speech’ looked like a page full of blurry spots when it was my time to talk. Hell sometimes I couldn’t remember my name or identify my own work) Yes, I’m a writer. I write to get it out and sometimes things seem to make sense after.

You know, back in high school I had a 10 year plan. I was super neat and super organized and just had to always know what would happen next. After seeing the plans for a house my parents wanted to build drawn up I decided that I wanted to be an architect, especially since the design was based on one of my ‘dream house’ floor plans I’d made up. This happened when I was 10 going on 20 (ha). It seemed like a great idea and up until the day I graduated it was an encouraged decision. Seriously. So what happened? That’s something I doubt I’ll ever understand.

I visited some friends some time ago at one of the places I worked during summer break. We somehow got on the topic of me going back to school.  I told them that people have ridiculed me about my decision to further my architectural pursuit and get my masters. That was greeted with laughter and an ‘yuh mussi mad’ outburst. *I had that one coming* nevertheless I decided not to let that discourage me.

Now, things are as real as they can get. I’ve been accepted to my ‘dream school’ , got my student visa and all that jazz. Packing is a nightmare and though I would have rather waited until the night before to fling wildly in an open suitcase my Mother ensured that never happened.

Otherwise, all that’s left is for me to board the plane with my one-way ticket, do my thing over there and HOPEFULLY get back home in two years. (though I have been told on numerous occasions in clear terms to NOT COME BACK). Yes, that is the plan but as I’ve come to realize… nothing in this life is certain, so I am open to change and ready to accept all that will come.

And NO I have no intention of coming back with any ring on my finger other than the one I now wear (which my parents gave me) so DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH. I refuse to give anyone the satisfaction of saying ‘I told you so’ …

While I’m here ranting, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’ve been so supportive. My parents especially though they may never stumble on this post 🙂 Lil sis .. love you and miss you already! But I know you … you’ll find some way for us to keep in touch at a reasonable enough cost 😀 Dion, KeV, Nev, Errol, Leo, Kareem, Laura, Dan, Hope …all my Aunts, uncles, cousins ……  Lawd I sense potential trouble so I don’t think I should call any more names but you all know yourselves and no worries we’ll be in touch! I know that I will get cussed out by some persons who will claim that I never told them of my intended leave of absence but honestly it was not something I spoke much of – perhaps so as not to jinx myself. I apologize.

As for the fate of this blog. I’ll still be oh so LOUD … will update my ‘Master of:’ category as often as possible! So here’s to the adventures that await me and to a productive and prosperous school year.

 I feel like I’m forgetting to say something but if I remember I’ll update later!

BRB Jamaica!




26 thoughts on “Here’s to my Future….May it be Bright!

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      • Ahh thank you:) For me it was a long time ago – but thank you:) I hope you are enjoying your new life and not getting homesick too much, although at least a bit is advisable:))) haha all the best!

        • Ohhh cool! – It’s been really great so far. Not in the least bit homesick. There’s Skype and messengers so I still see my family every day 🙂 Just miss the hugs 😦

  2. congrats hun make us all proud i know you can do it just keep focus and get at it as u get it no time to waste and with all of the hard work have fun doing it as well as have fun outside of it because we all know hard work and no play makes jack a dull boy………enjoy the experience keep us posted let me know what to expect when my time comes. best wishes. (Lots of Hugs)


  3. Thanks for sharing, Ayo

    May you see God’s hand around you every minute of every day. I know firsthand the experience of living/studying away from home. I try not to give advice, but if you can enjoy the journey, that would be great 😉


  4. !!!!!!!!!!!! #excitedforyou 🙂 Congrats and all the best! …We’ll see about the ring :)…. (another friend of mine is leaving for China to do her Master’s this week too…it’s that season it seems. #soproud)

    • Thank you! 😀 I love it here so far! An update long overdue but it’s been so crazy! That cool! Wish her all the best as well! Tis the season for Masters!

      The ring part – lol two of my doctors especially predicted that I was gonna run off and marry some foreign man and since then that’s been the humm of everyone … Sadly I’l sabotage myself to stay away from doing what people expect. (In this case at least)

  5. Well, congrats on the new step you’re about to take, may it be a fruitful one…you better blog regularly! Awoah!

    P.S. I know that girl to your left, used to go Manchester High…(had a lil crush on her too lol)

    • 🙂 Thank you! I Sure will try to keep posting regularly!
      Lol it’s a small world! Yea she did! Pretty awesome lady! Looking forward to more of your posts as well!

  6. tears, i miss you already but i know its for the best. theres always phone and skype and all that jazz. Keep safe, keep close to God, and keep doing what you do. Love you loads, nuff, lots and plenty! 🙂

    • Miss you too sis! Yes thank goodness for modern interventions that make communication so much easier! lol I will and hopefully I’ll see you soon 😀 Lemme know!

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