Yes now! SPANISH TOWN!!!!

🙂 Our lil Group. (L-R) Mr. Aarons, Petal, KeVaughn, Shannon, Me, Michael

Lolz When I wrote the title I imagined myself as a kid again excited that someone’s gotten into trouble …… But no …. this is no trouble at all, unless you take into account that one of my fav areas is in desperate need of repair and restoration. Why oh why wont someone dump a trillion dollars in my lap – I’d ‘go to town’ with that’!!!

I know this is now New Year’s Eve but I’m so excited I couldn’t wait another day to share my snazzy photooooosssss and I’ve been editing all night, can’t believe it’s after 12 already!!!!!

*Sigh* Let me stop straying from my point before I entirely forget why I started this post (and yes that is possible, I’m Toya after all).

One thing I enjoy about going to Kingston is passing Spanish Town and so today yesterday was no different. I love the charm, the brick structures, many built in the Georgian style after the Brits destroyed and rebuilt and as dilapidated as they now are in reality, my eyes choose to see otherwise.  I would really love to do a walk through and capture some more of the area + I have no photos of the Anglican church 😦 Today I begged dad to stop for a minute so I could take some photos. He granted me ten mins YAHOOO! I had been in the square before though, on a Architecture and Conservation trip with Mr. Aarons (R.I.P. – I can never pass there without thinking of you!) Hunted down the photos just now and it brought back a flood of memories. Nostalgia a go kill mi!

So said, so done, with the help of Shanny. Thankx cuz! This photo show is a combination of my favs from both of our cameras a well as some field trip pics to fill in the blanks.

For more information check out these sites (P.S. I find Jamaica Gleaner’s Pieces of the Past series to be quite informative):

Click to see them larger – I love this slide show thingy 🙂

10 thoughts on “Yes now! SPANISH TOWN!!!!

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  2. Girl! This post reminds me of mine only YOU have way more pics! Love it. I really loved the short time I spent in the square.

    You mentioned the Anglican church…I read somewhere that it’s the oldest one outside of England. I’ve never seen it but would love to. I also did a post on the beautiful churches in Port Maria. I love them.

    • Indeed! It was so much fun. There were a few people around but noone really took note of us…we just walked around snapping! Is it! Wow that’s amazing .. I really ought to capture it the next time I pass there.

      ooo I didn’t see that one … will have to check it out. Thank you

  3. Ah mister Aarons :(, you never know what you got until its gone….like seriously, i didnt know he was some famous historian (or was it archeologist?) until i saw the article in the paper following his death. What a guy he was.

    I agree with Kev, great work overall. The close up pic of Rodney Memorial is unreal 🙂

  4. @ Elroy – Thankx!!!! Yea I liked there and the assembly house mostly.
    @ KeV – He he 😀 Awesomeeeeeeee I’m glad I found the one from the trip too to add!
    @ Koifish – Lol still getting used to your name…. Thank you!!!!!! Ok below the title lot you’ll see insert .. its the first icon (add media) then you can choose pics from your computer (then inert as a slideshow or gallery style as I just did) or from a url and you can also add videos. Message me if it’s not working out right.

    AND TO ALL OF YOU! HOW DID YOU GET YOUR PIC TO SHOW!!!!! ARG ..Ah upload pics till ah tired! 😦

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