Green n Orange makes a Yucky Brown

First let me say I am in no way affiliated with any of the parties. I have no interest in politics yet it has somehow affected me … yes my compulsion to randomly burst out ‘Vote for Labour’ has begun to greatly concern me, especially after what happened earlier in the week. I heard an ad playing on the radio so I began to dance (yes I can dance, how well ….let’s just say that’s an entirely different story :P) in a few seconds I was belting out my popular line only to hear my mother shout “Toya dear, that’s a PNP ad playing!”  (o.O) “Really?” My dad is also convinced that I’ve crossed over to ‘greener pastures’, but again, that’s another story. *sigh*

Something tells me that I should quit while I’m ahead and abandon this post. I know nothing about politics, but then what is there to know? It’s almost over though and soon (if they haven’t started to as yet) thousands of party loyalists and newly converted citizens will bomb rush the polling stations to pick their poison. As I type, I’m staring at the pop-down-looking image on my Elector Registration Identification Card; its sole purpose in my life is to prevent me from walking around with my passport for identification.

I don’t know which is worse; to vote for a party for the mere reason that it’s only right to exercise your vote, or to not vote at all due to your lack of faith in any party. Sure the ads are catchy, some/most are even humorous, but at the end of the day talk is CHEAP. I want to see some action and not continue to hear who’s got the bigger scandal or who’s more ‘unfit’ to lead.

So good Sir over there on the green side, yes I get it, you understand the crosses and tribulations that we young people face and yes I agree, you must have been a youth at some point – get over yourself and make a difference.


If you win PLEASE give me some hope or a sign that my country is not trying to ship me off to another country in search for ‘a better life’. Would be sad if they were right and it turn out that it’s the:


And for the sunset folks, well I see that you’ve said:


Well I most certainly hope that you do in fact know because if you win I’d hate to know that a bunch of clueless people will be leading us further into darkness. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to write in my ‘simple diary’ which I’ll tell you about later! (Thankx sis!)

P.S. What a gwan with the … other two (parties)? 

P.P.S. Which channel were YOU watching on Tuesday?!?! – Me, I was in my room trying to block out the noise….Quite interesting though that PNP’s concert was aired on one station n JLP’s was aired on the other simultaneously 

7 thoughts on “Green n Orange makes a Yucky Brown

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  2. lol even though we didnt win I am a born labourite. If accept the goods they have done and have looked down on them for the evil, but the PNP has been in power for 18 yrs and is responsible for the melt down of the jamaican finanacial sector or area, while the jlp is expected to fix this in 4yrs. It can not be done, but now the pnp has won again to further sink the country which was once blessed.

  3. Vote for Labour, vote fa labour…. Vote out di green man vote dem out!!! show dem yuh fist show dem yuh fist LOLOL

    Those ads were nothin short of entertaining and down right hilarious BUT you are on the money toya, its not abt humour and entertainment and the gimmicks what we need is STABILITY. Too much uncertainty, selfish and unfit people have been taking control of our country’s affairs for too long, and it is not them or their children that are going to suffer but us the mere citizens that do not have the luxury to get private tutoring, visa to fly out when we please, good roads to drive on because we r MPs no we have to put up with the consequences that was designed and orchestrated by them. However I am an optimist and I do believe there are some who indeed wants to see a better Jamaica, want to see not just 1 or 2 but majority of its people be winners and successful.
    I long to see the day when that happens and although some may argue that I have not exercised my right to vote it is because quite frankly I do not see a difference between both parties from the leadership to the back benchers…I do indeed plan to see what happens in the next 4 yrs to make a decision if life spare as our Granny would say right cuzz?! lol

    Love the post and keep it up!!

    • That is exactly my point!! Just feeling like a lose-lose situation but I’m trying to be optimistic!!!
      Glad you enjoyed it and I’ll keep posting for as long as I can 🙂

  4. Something we have in common,

    ……..” I have no interest in politics yet it has somehow affected me … yes my compulsion to randomly burst out ‘Vote for Labour’ has begun to greatly concern me”…….

    Toya dear we both sit and wait, and whoever wins, well it may not be easy to hope for the best but instead i’ll keep hoping its not the worst.

    Love your headline! Its good enough for me, i will continue sitting on the fence so to the rest of Jamaica, pick your poison wisely.

    Thanks T.

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