I survived Christmas Day!

Bet you thought I wouldn’t write today huh!! #I’m committed

So the plan was simple; stay in bed for as long as possible and see how much of the day I could bypass. The only problem was that with all the bangarang going on outside, I couldn’t sleep and laying in bed staring at the ceiling is pretty lame. Any hoo I decided to dress up and at least look decent Β – maybe that would spark some form of ‘Festive Spirit’ in me.

In the end, the day turned out to be pretty good. I ate and ate and ate some more, even as I type I’m still thinking about FOOD. *Sigh* Quite terrified to have a lil’ visit with the bathroom scale. After dinner, I decided to play some videos from last year and air a special and one-time-only broadcast of “Greetings from in Lime Hall” which pretty much was me running around with my camera and telling everyone in the house to ‘send greetings’ to anyone they wanted to. Hilarious I tell you. (This isn’t all of it but I just had to include my lil sister’s greeting DWL!)

CLICK FOR VIDEO:Β Greetings from in Lime Hall

Well I must cut this short cause I’m about to play KALOOKIE – If we can find the cards!

For anyone who called today, if I didn’t answer don’t take it personally…Don’t you know me by now?!! You’ll be the first ones on my list of people I’ll call in the New Year! πŸ˜›

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