I cried because I Grated!

This blog thing is not doing a part of it’s job! Why on earth did I go through the greater part of yesterday thinking that it was THURSDAY and how did we get to January 7 already!!! (Hmmn, 7 – Countdown begins as of now). Oh well the week shot by so quickly but not before I made my world famous (yea right!) Lasagna so that Shanny could try it before she left (yes I had to fight the tears when they drove away – miss you terribly already 😦 ). This time I was left completely alone to fend for myself! (Can you believe that dad the assistant chef disowned me *sniffle*)

Going going GONE!

Now, a good seasoning method is to grate the onions and garlic directly into the meat! Though my eyes were closed, when I finally finished and opened my eyes the water came streaming down and my nose felt like it was on fire! Never-the-less, it was well worth the trauma and the risk of grating off my fingers *ouch* Smelled great n tasted just as good! Sadly it’s all done  now – Sorry! Not to worry though, I decided to add the video I made the first time I tried this dish! Enjoy and let me know how it goes if you decided to make it as well!! Hmmmmm I plan to do ALOT more cooking this year! Cant promise that I’ll document them all but I’ll get  the more interesting ones lol



5 thoughts on “I cried because I Grated!

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