Getting Up to date…

Knock, knock, it’s me – I have returned though still very tired and now a little of a social network outcast.  Did you miss me? No? Yes? Hmmnn. Trying to ease back into the bum life for a while! Just a little while.

Based on my timelines etc. I realize that my life stood still sometime around the 5th of November and my body was no longer able to work off its own will. In retrospect it all happened so fast. One moment it was 7 pm  then I looked at the clock and realized that it was  7 am  yet it felt as if I  had gone nowhere with the work I was to have completed and in many instances I felt like I would never finish. Ironically I ate more than I slept and took to making enough meals to last the night. No….I have not gained any weight.

The design studio project for the quarter was an urban based assignment that focused on two major streets in the area: Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Montgomery Street. Currently there are plans under way for the streets’ revival so we had quite a bit of added resources to work with. After 5 sleepless nights, a visit from the pizza fairy (no I was not dreaming he was THERE with a silly looking hat on and boxes of pizza that sent students crawling from their studios to get their grub on.) and a lovely pair of swollen feet, affectionately called ‘cankles’, from sitting in one position for too long, the final day arrived. The hard work put out during the first quarter was displayed on 4 20 x 30 inch boards and thankfully too as a digital presentation. Below is the final layout of the boards.

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The studio culture was amazing. I met people I’d never seen throughout the quarter and it was almost like being back in my old studio. There were random outbursts of ‘bathroom only worthy’ singing, shrieks of semi panic at the thought of losing precious work… you know – the usual but it was great to know that you had an overwhelming sense of support even if noone else had a clue about what you were doing.

So now, It is over. Though we printed a 115 page process book, I still wished that there was time to add more to it. I look back at the last 9 weeks; many of which I have faint memories of.  I’m thankful for the new experiences, wonderful friends and acquaintances made, memorable interactions gained and look forward to another quarter.

I don’t plan to be a bum during this break though. I have a list of winter break projects and hopefully I’ll be able to get them all done.



10 thoughts on “Getting Up to date…

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  2. lol seem like you were sleep writing in the beginning toya dwl. Sounds like your enjoying it though hahaha it all really reminds me of typical studio at CSA..what u say u got meanings for the our past school huh. Your project look well done. Quick question who designed the layout? (i know you are excellent in that area so yes i’m curious)

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