Paging Dr. House…

So it turns out that I’ve invented an illness…. I call it Post Traumatic Stress as a result of Driving Phobia.


It started off as a normal day. I was fine when I woke up and got out of bed. I was even ok when I got dressed. Everything was quite dandy when I got in the car, stuck the key in the ignition, checked my mirrors, put on the seat belt etc… then slowly backed out of the driveway ALONE. I held my breath when a vehicle case seemingly too close to me but I stuck it out and continued on my journey at a ‘reasonable’ speed.
Ironically, the trouble started when I ended the journey. Though I can’t decide if that’ a blessing or a weird curse, the fact is I HAVE A PROBLEM! 


  • Tightness in chest
  • Slight dizziness
  • Intense feelings of nervousness
  • Excessive sweating (most unnatural for me!)
  • Feels like I’m going to send down a shower of tears
  • Can’t be driven without closing my eyes when vehicles approach too close for my liking
How is it diagnosed?
  • It may be diagnosed by a phobia-crazed girl (me) who ‘concocts’ a name for a patient’s (myself) current and possibly psychological condition.
After three expired learners licences and two failed attempts at the Driving Depo, on the third try I got my license. It was a bitter-sweet moment. Sure I was excited; finally everyone would stop bugging me about getting my license but the thoughts of driving alone sent shivers through my body. Now I wouldn’t have an excuse for when dad said ‘Toya drive to the shop and get *insert items here*”.
Perhaps I have mentally psyched myself out! (Yikes) Maybe my ‘symptoms’ are really only in my head but for the last couple times I’ve driven, I get the worst feelings when I get out of the car!
How can it be treated?
If I knew the answer to that one…
How can it be prevented?
Ha! I have only one solution but that definitely won’t solve anything unless someone would like to donate time or money to being/getting me a personal chauffeur. 🙂
Whatever will I do now?!

13 thoughts on “Paging Dr. House…

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  3. Lol bwaay toya only you would have such problems…driving comes with practice so dont worry after a while it will become 2nd nature to you… 🙂

  4. I guess (as with all fears) you just have to ease into it. there’s so much going on on the road plus you’re not only driving for yourself but for the idiot behind you and the one who’s overtaking you around the corner and doesn’t realize that there’s a vehicle approaching.

    Go for it though … might not be good and ready to drive alone but at least the accomplishment of earning the license will be good motivation!!! Think it’s all in our heads!

  5. i have had a few of these during my driving lessons, not to mention the dizziness, especially on the high way….when my instructor was signing me up to do my exam i asked him if he was ABSOLUTELY SURE i was ready to do this…….i need go do my exam again, and i honestly dont feel ready for this. I fear the road!!! I have been staying far away from the depot.

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