Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

It has been quite sometime since I’ve done a weekly photo challenge! The theme for this week is Object and lucky for me, it coincided with a shoot I just finished for my Studio Craft Class. If you didn’t see the … Continue reading

Capture This

My guess is that if you saw the last post, ‘Let’s Go Behind the Scenes’  you’ll probably be a bit upset with me but quite anxious to get the skinny on what I was hinting at. Here goes!! Last quarter … Continue reading

Long Live the Dream

As promised, I have returned with highlights from the 35th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade that was help on Monday, January 20. I raced across to E Broad Street with the hope of catching the start of the parade … Continue reading

More of St. E… Come Sunshine or Rain!

*Attempt No.: 2*  *Attempt No.: 3* **Attempt No.: 4** Aside from the bad luck I had in making this post, apparently I have been suffering from a disease Summeritis is normally contagious to only high school and college students. It … Continue reading