Sunshine and Soca at the 15th International Festival!!

It’s been a while since I’ve delved into the rich cultural diversity overflowing in Savannah. I’ll take you to the 15th annual International festival held by SCAD at Forsyth park. The rain knew better than to fall for three consecutive days and … Continue reading


Tickling the Tastebuds with Laziza

“…and what do you call that?” I asked while mentally preparing to remember some strange-sounding name. ‘Oh, that’s uhm…. tomato with cheese on top’ was his polite reply. -__- Food + Egyptian + Lebanese were the words that caught my attention. The Lunch … Continue reading

Now this is what I call an awesome day!

After spending over 24 hours staring at the CAD drawing for my final project, there was no doubt in my mind that today had to be a ‘chill’ day.. Otherwise I’d probably go completely insane! Finals are fast approaching (and … Continue reading