Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea – Another Side of Trelawny

The Weekly Photo Challenge for this week was once again just up my alley.


I was quite excited about this trip! The journey was to take us to an old ruin I was quite taken by a few years ago in Trelawny. We deviated a bit to get a better feel of our surroundings before making our way to the castle…. Up for an adventure the plan was to drive until we couldn’t anymore. The beaten track led us through the expansive Stewart Castle Grounds and to what I thought was quite an unexpected sight! The massive mountain side loomed ahead of us….indicating the end of the track and to the right was an even more captivating. 


IMG_6166  After walking around, we realized that the road indeed continued along….. so that we did!


At last! The SEA!

IMG_6178 IMG_6184

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There was another one … but I accidentally deleted it and couldn’t remember which one :S Sorry!!!

Special thanks to KeVaughn and Ivor for being a part of the journey 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea – Another Side of Trelawny

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