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My guess is that if you saw the last post, ‘Let’s Go Behind the Scenes’  you’ll probably be a bit upset with me but quite anxious to get the skinny on what I was hinting at. Here goes!! Last quarter I took a Documentary Photography class … if you didn’t see the final product CLICK ME! I loved it so much that I decided to use my final diversified elective on another photography class. This one is Studio Craft and mainly deals with lighting. I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed by the first assignment which was to replicate 10  tearsheets (Images from magazines) as closely as possible. After I got started, it became more fascinating than daunting. Below are my final eight (never made it to ten but still pleased with my accomplishment.) … some I like more than the others but I thought I’d throw them all in and give you the chance to pick your favorites! Don’t remember all the magazines but they were mostly Vogue, Real simple,  and Cosmos (That allegedly kills brain cells when read). Thanks so much for those who jumped in at my desperate plea for magazines and helped me pick out more than enough options! thanks too to my teammates who I was assigned to work with for many of the shoots, my model Vicky as well as Tiffany and Chris, who dropped in on one of the shoots and overall helped me source most of the objects Also I have another that I plan to shoot next weekend involving a really great couple! Look out for that.

SCAN 1 SCAN 1b Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Imagine my delight when I got to Goodwill and found almost an exact replica of the goblet and plate 😀 The flowers on the other hand were quite a challenge as I spent over an hour in Michaels deliberating on the numerous choices. I finally settled for a mixture of real and artificial  flowers. The shoot itself being my first was slightly intimidating. I spent a while trying to get the cream right but it got really messed up after I placed the flowers. I tried!
SCAN 2 SCAN 2b     Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
For this I used a Styrofoam ball (chopped in two) and bought concrete textured spray paint to replicate the illusion. The most challenging part of this one was getting the nail suspended  from a boom to remain still. Zoomed in really close and did a composite to get the final image.
SCAN 3 SCAN 3b Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
I went completely solo for this one but still had a blast doing it! The plate was an attempt at transferring on ceramic. As for the food. I was more concerned about getting the right look than the flavors. The downside was that although I was staring at a delicious looking plate of pasta most of it was not a all edible. On a side note; are stripes completely out of fashion?! I tried so hard to find a striped pattern, whether on cloth or paper! SCAN 4 SCAN 4b Camera: Hasselblad H4D-40
I didn’t realize how big my hands were until i had to paint inside a tiny medicine cup, nor did I realize how difficult it is to paint with jello 🙂 This was my first encounter with the hasselblad and thankfully I was not traumatized. The wood grain was almost the same as in the original photo but it was very faint and somewhat got swallowed in.

SCAN 5 SCAN 5b Camera: Hasselblad H4D-40
I am still convinced that there is a way to get this done in one shot and if ever I have the time I shall be retrying this one. I think I got a bit too heavy on the Photoshop here but  after seven hours i realized that this shot could not be done singly. (or could it?) Getting the background was not much of a problem. The apples however proved to be a challenge and though we had them strung up with fish wire I later realized that the camera angle needed to be adjusted some more.

SCAN 6 SCAN 6bCamera: Hasselblad H4D-40 This would not have been possible without Tiffany and my wonderful hand model Vicky! I really wished my superstar nail tech sis was around to do her nails for me but I did the best I could! With 1/4 of the battle out of the way it was time to get the eggs and mini eggs (malted speckled candy) secured in her hand. That was quite a task! Luckily patience was in full abundance and all that was left was getting the egg to drip; a shot that we got long before we even realized it! Go figure 🙂

SCAN 7 SCAN 7bCamera: Hasselblad H4D-40
Perhaps my fastest and one of my favorite shots, once I figured out how to get the shoe suspended and stationary. Special thanks to Brandie for giving up one of her hen’s feathers 😀 the spotlight at the bottom was achieved with a regular flashlight. TO the right was a strip light and to the left, a medium soft box.


Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
After weeks of scouting Target I finally caught sight of one mint green lip balm. Before I saw every other color but that! A further search led me to enough to compete my shoot. The tiles were a home depot find that I assembled on a piece of wood. (see previous post – main image) The melon was DELICIOUS lol BUt as for the shoot. A soft box at the left  and a strip light far at the back did the trip along with a reflector to get the light on the spoon.


N’ that’s a wrap folks!


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