More of St. E… Come Sunshine or Rain!

*Attempt No.: 2*  *Attempt No.: 3* **Attempt No.: 4**

Aside from the bad luck I had in making this post, apparently I have been suffering from a disease

Summeritis is normally contagious to only high school and college students. It is not considered to be passed on to those who have jobs during the summer (and the rest of the year). The only known cure for Summeritis is full-time employment.

Thanks to Ed for enlightening me! It could have been as a result of that revelation, my inability to recall an entire day that had passed or spending another entire day IN BED that I realized I needed to be cured. What seemed like a ridiculously long summer break was now shattering before my eyes. Seemingly mocking me and making me aware that the final (possibly forever) year of my education was about to begin.  Alas I have no job but I figured that my dearest blog that I’ve neglected for so long ought to be the project that would get me out of my shell . well that and fitting 50llbs worth of food in my suitcases.

…And so, I continue with my St. Elizabeth Tour


IMG_5537        IMG_5534

Rain Rain go away, for a second I was quite taken by the Milo Bath that Holland Bamboo had become overnight! Top left – a boat sets sail to give yet another tour on the Black River

DearSweetHolland (2)

DearSweetHolland (1)

The hills, the hills, the gorgeous hills of many places we drove past during our travels


I’m positive this one is a view from Ginger Hill


They eventually disappear/ become one with the sky

Through Slipe (3)

On through Slipe where morass abides

Through Slipe (2) Through Slipe (1)

Once upon a time this was a vibrant area as the rail line passed through, bringing much needed business to the community. Now on an ordinary day, three or four people casually sit by what could be a shop, looking out? Perhaps for a strayed vehicle whose owner did not realize that the ‘main road’ abruptly stops in front of a house. Almost on the border of St. James and St. Elizabeth is Stonehenge, the place, I later learned, where my grandmother grew up!

Stonehenge (2)

It’s  literally the end of the road for this little town – Stonehenge.

Stonehenge (1)


One night a lonely fisherman became the object of my attention


I finally witnessed a sunrise for the first in a very long time! Quite apt considering that soon after it would be time to leave the parish I’d gown quite fond of in a week!

2 thoughts on “More of St. E… Come Sunshine or Rain!

  1. When I tell my Jamaican friends that I have been to Stonehenge they look at me mystified, as they have no idea where it is, but I was there a number of times in the 1980’s as I was staying just south of here at a place called Chesterfield, and from there we used to walk about seven miles to a place in St. Elizabeth called Ginger Hill to party at a dancehall there. It is so great to see these parts again. Thanks.

    • oh Wow! Nice. It is quite a remote location! But yes people still live there.

      I know of Ginger Hill .. went there as well. Glad my photos brought you good memories. All the best 🙂

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