Spring Time Hues

Although Savannah doesn’t have a visibly distinctive ‘fall’ or ‘winter’ season, they make up for it in the spring time! One of my favorite Gardens is at the Ships of the Sea maritime Museum and  after last spring, I knew I … Continue reading


A wop ba-ba lu-mop a wop bam boom!

“I’ve got chills and their multiplying …… ” ’cause I’m so excited about sharing this one. I checked my e-mail to see a message from the school newspaper I occasionally submit articles to asking for someone to cover a show! When I … Continue reading

‘Bess’ believe I enjoyed that trip

My first wake up signal came at 5am. ‘No way’ I thought aloud ‘this trip was certainly going to miss me!’. Half hour later I still was’t ready to get up but I literally gathered every strength in me to … Continue reading

I’m on a Mission: To get to Grand Gala

There was quite a bit of preparation for this so I thought I’d attempt a diary format to recall the series of events culminating in grand gala 2012: July 27, 2012 After work  found some of my co-workers and I … Continue reading