The ‘Quarturian’ Effect

“According to my Google search, the word ‘quarturian’ does not exist. I hereby claim it as my own; quite befitting to describe my current condition. It has been almost 10 months since I hit my 25th year of existence on this earth. Time seemingly went into overdrive from that point on because I looked at today’s date, compared it to my last blog post and immediately hung my head in shame.

There has not been a moment when I didn’t think of you! Not a day that I didn’t chide myself for not sharing… ok, perhaps I made it through a few days…. that turned into months. I digress. It’s hard to determine where to begin/continue. Do I let the past be the past? Never! I’ll let you in on my those adventures over time but for now, I wanted to start ‘fresh’. There’s no better place to take you than to the place that revived my excitement and love for nature and photography.

A one hour drive took us to Millen, Georgia, where I was taken away by new sights and sounds and given the chance to roam about over 1,000 acres of the Magnolia Springs State Park.  It had been bleak and dreary all week but the sun was on our side and though I still had to run for my jacket, it was the perfect day for such an outing. This time around I had a new friend to capture the adventure, Reba. It was a bittersweet moment, being that Austin was no longer with me but I kept his memory and began to create new ones with my new Rebel!

(Click first image for gallery view)









As with all adventures, the sun slowly began to make its return trip towards the horizon, signaling the end of the day and of-course…



… a high speed sunset chase.



P.S. I see painting in my weekend!


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