Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

It has been quite sometime since I’ve done a weekly photo challenge! The theme for this week is Object and lucky for me, it coincided with a shoot I just finished for my Studio Craft Class. If you didn’t see the first 8 then CLICK ME to check them out! Unlike the previous assignment, this one required us to create a self directed composition that had an emphasis on lighting. I’ve had that coffee bag sitting there for months and the thought popped into my head to make something spectacular from it. Heck, it may entice someone to buy it from me 🙂

The final result:


Special thanks to Taylor/Tiler (never got the spelling) for being kind enough to give a complete stranger a bag of coffee beans 🙂 Thanks too to Tiffanny as always for her help with the shooting. Ahhhh so now for the technical details. Shot this with a Canon Mark III i had a snoot cone (in the cover image I used a red gel to create the glow. still uncertain of which I like better though) at the back  a strip light to one side and a soft box in the front. The main task was getting it into focus and having the backdrop (a clever collage of tiles – Thanks Home Depot! Don’t know what I would do without your return policy) In the end I did a minor composite of two images…. may have to go back and tidy that up though but for now …. I await another brilliant idea that I can make a reality.


Thankx for viewing!



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