Long Live the Dream

24470631_SAAs promised, I have returned with highlights from the 35th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade that was help on Monday, January 20. I raced across to E Broad Street with the hope of catching the start of the parade in commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thanks to the rapidly changing weather I went from being ridiculously cold to uncomfortably hot and back within minutes. Note to self: Must take more vitamin C! Churches, activists, children, schools, local officials, non-profit organizations, marching bands, military units and news anchors participated in the event that made its way from E Broad and Liberty Street, on to Broughton Street and finally ending at MLK Jr Blvd and Anderson Street a few hours later while onlookers gathered in their numbers along the streets. “Learn the History, Appreciate the Sacrifice, Live the Dream.” was the theme conceptualized by a sixth grade student; a clear reminder of our responsibility to honor the persons who have helped to better our society.

IMG_8600_1 IMG_8624 IMG_8657_1 IMG_8659_1 IMG_8711 IMG_8717 IMG_8729 IMG_8757 IMG_8781 IMG_8783 IMG_8792 IMG_8813 IMG_8827 IMG_8835 IMG_8837It was a bitter-sweet moment when I realized that the show was over. Within minutes the streets reverted to their natural order; vehicular traffic resumed and gone were the folding chairs – at least until the next big event! As for me, I had a date with my bed to rest my aching back and feet.


3 thoughts on “Long Live the Dream

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    • I didn’t take as many photos of the floats as I could have. I spent the entire time talking and weaving through the streets to catch different parts and to see how the atmosphere changed throughout the area. Come to think of it there weren’t as many floats as I thought could have been. Many rode in vehicles or walked with banners and such.

      As for the B/W I shot over 300 images in both color and black and white but liked this effect more. There were a few colored I loved but I wanted everything to be consistent. Perhaps I’ll make a photo album on FB

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