Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus! Case of the Exotic Plants

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fond flora and fauna. These days I don’t seem to go anywhere without seeing something unique – even in my own front yard… so I’ll start off with those as I try another Weekly Photo Challenge. Was so hard to choose! 🙂 I tried my best to get all the names but Google didn’t quite know how to help me so if you know any of them let me know and I’ll add the names as they come! Thanks in advance 😀 (Numbered for your convenience)


Pic 1 – Gladiolous – Thanks auntie Jacqui for helping me identify this one!


Pic 2  – Orchid breed

In Montego Bay in the yard of the first house I lived in after I was born


Pic 3 – Another Orchid


Pic 4 – Totally cool plant…. feels almost rubbery and changes colour when you touch it (look at the edges on the right side)


Pic 5 – Lovely Hibiscus ….Never seen one with these colours before


Pic 6 – YS Falls St. Elizabeth – The red Ginger before it dies.

Pic 7 – And the sign said Do Not Touch The Berries!


Pic 8


Pic 9


Pic 10 – just thought this was a cool shot at the river!


Pic 11


Pic 12 – Shrimp Plant

I thought I had seen it all, especially having been there more than 3 times but The Turtle River Falls and Gardens (I feel they should have stuck with Enchanted gardens) proved me wrong and once again I was caught up in the mystery of nature!


Pic 13


Pic 14


Pic 15 – Seed from the Cedar tree I was told

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