More of St. E… Come Sunshine or Rain!

*Attempt No.: 2*  *Attempt No.: 3* **Attempt No.: 4** Aside from the bad luck I had in making this post, apparently I have been suffering from a disease Summeritis is normally contagious to only high school and college students. It … Continue reading

I’m on a Mission: To get to Grand Gala

There was quite a bit of preparation for this so I thought I’d attempt a diary format to recall the series of events culminating in grand gala 2012: July 27, 2012 After work  found some of my co-workers and I … Continue reading

I’ve Been Enchanted … again!

There is for sure one place that no matter how many times I go there (and believe me, it’s been many!) I always learn something new. This place is Turtle River Falls and Garden located on Eden Bower Road, Ocho Rios … Continue reading