For the Love of Cola

This post is by far long over due but not to worry I’ll catch up to my most recent development pretty soon 🙂

I confessed earlier that while at the entrance of World of Coca-Cola I was so busy taking photos of the Georgia Aquarium building that now I now have none of the exterior. *Sigh* Consider this then an intimate tour! OUR enthusiastic tour guide started off with a few trivia questions and raised the energy in the room by trying to get everyone excited. I’ll say she did a pretty good job!


Thumbs up to her!IMG_3274

After a comical short about Coca-Cola Land, we patiently waited for the exit to open up which to my surprise took us behind the screen and into the main lobby.  I signed a contract limiting the number of secrets I could reveal about the museum but hope you enjoy my selection!!IMG_3277

Soon we were into a whole different world…


disappearing people and all! Ok maybe only just in my over-active imagination


They really kept us entertained with lots of randomness intertwined with interesting facts that timeline this drink we all have grown to love.IMG_3299

From humble beginnings…


To the replica’s of age-old  shopsIMG_3314

we were totally into this world rideIMG_3326Pity I couldn’t get into this one 😦


More memorabilia IMG_3334

4-D movie/// waterworks included


Post disappointing realization that they will never share the secret recipe (we got as close as the vault then they roped it of) we headed to the production area that explained the rigorous process of bottling the product.

Theeennnn the most anticipated moment and every soda lovers dream .. the coke flavours from around the world in one room. Yup … one room! Now I shant reveal much more than if you see a drink called Beverly .. resist the temptation to try it.  Starts out good then…


…well, the face says it all!IMG_3367

With more soda ingested during those few minutes than in a month or three, it was time to make the Exit through the gift shop. IMG_3368

Now that I think about it, I do see where those 4 lbs I gained may have come from….



10 thoughts on “For the Love of Cola

  1. Wonderful. I am a complete Coke addict (have never understand Jamaicans’ love of Pepsi) but have to restrain myself from drinking it for health reasons! 😦 This looks like so much fun. We readers wanted some secrets though! 🙂

    • lolol Resist! Trust me I drank enough to last me the rest of my lifetime here! There were some pretty interesting flavors though.

      🙂 Emma I would love to know too .. sneaky lot I tell you!!! lol

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