The Color in the Dream


Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church

I decided to offer a Part 2 of the Martin Luther King Jr. parade –   Long Live the Dream. Auntie Jacqui hinted at wanting to see highlights from the event in ‘live and living color’ so I decided to do just that. Enjoy!

a b c


Port Truck drivers


Southeastern Float


Congress Woman Shirley Chisolm


The eccentric and energetic postman/men!


Groves Marching Band


Another colorful float


Close up of this year’s theme


I was a one man show so this was my way of being a part of the magic and cementing it in the history of my brain!!


2 thoughts on “The Color in the Dream

    • Hey! Thanks for checking in! It’s pretty cold and icy but it’s good so far! School has been out since Wednesday! It’s crazy but I’m making the best of my free time 🙂 Hope you are doing well though!

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