All Hail Annandale; great Great House

Hope you enjoyed visiting Liberty Hill Great House and Geddes Great House with me! Next up is Annandale Great House, located outside the village of Epworth, near Ocho Rios. I was quite excited about this one since I was told that my grandfather once worked on the property.  Built in 1760 the Great House [you know, I’m finally understanding why they are so called] commands breath-taking views of the mountains. We found the entrance and our able driver maneuvered the bus through the main gate. I was giddy with excitement and couldn’t wait to get there … perhaps that was why I began to feel that we had been driving for such a long time that we were no longer in St. Ann. HUGE PROPERTY, about 600 acres.

Finally I was able to get a glimpse but before we could tour the house an even more urgent matter had to be dealt with! LUNCH! I kid you not, I would WALK back there just for more of that delicious chicken they served up at the restaurant on site.


It was refreshing being up there. Crisp, clean air circulating I wished I could stay there all day!


Though I was quite full and feeling an onset of ‘ethnic fatigue’, I decided to walk it off and see if I could get some shots of the Great House before going inside. Ooo la la what a sight for me! It reminded me of Rose Hall Great house in St. James and had that unmistakable symmetry that I’ve grown to appreciate though the rear is something else; we’ll get to that soon. I ran around, dodging manure [not a good look stepping into that] so I could take in as much as I could.

To my dismay the battery light began to flash! I don’t know what stopped me from bursting into tears. Memo to self – get a spare!

This façade was a mystery to me. It felt as if it wanted to be symmetrical and even tricked me at one point. Still quite drawn to that line of axis.

There was one main axis that linked the entrances and led to the outdoor kitchen (which still functions – seeing it was well worth the smoke inhalation)


Annandale boasts a impressive collection of antiques and takes you back in time as you get lost in its charm and splendour.


I attempted a framed shot then ‘manually’ zoomed for a wider shot. Forgive me, don’t know all the fancy terms so I’m making them up!


Once again, I felt led to randomly capture in B/W hope my subjects don’t mind being featured here but I see the second especially a a 24″x36″ framed photo hung in a parlour.

Sexy Windows!!


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