*Crunch…crunch* Munch on these!

I must confess that growing up I was a chippies girl! While at Prep School (no I’m not uptown -_-) my best friend and I had a fair trade every lunch time; her chippies ‘nana chips for my mom’s yummy cheese sandwich (Mark my word, Mom’s they were YUMMY, I’d ask her to make two so I wouldn’t miss out). Even now I still think they are awesomeness but alas another has stolen my heart!

They’ve been creative, daring and outrageously adventurous and I laud them for that. I felt driven (mainly by idleness) to buy every most of the products that they offer and be a ‘critic’ for this post (Yay me!) Sorry, in my excitement I forgot to say what the product is …better late than never… JP ST. MARY’S; first known for its banana chips thought it wise to expand and tap into other ideas.

Getting them was more of a scavenger hunt than anything else! They were pretty difficult to track down. (Though if you’re in Kingston I hear Mega Mart has most of them) If you buy at general foods though you may be lucky enough to save $0.01 on your purchase like I did *happy dance – feel so rich!* -_- Ended up going into the Knutsford Express office to buy one ’cause I’d seen it there before. Thankfully she didn’t find my seemingly random purchase strange. I thought there were seven in total but my count is at 10 now and I think I may be missing at least 1. Hmmnnn I’ll work with what I have though since I’m so anxious to try some of them and I have no plans to leave the comfort of my home for the rest of the week.

[DISCLAIMER: You need to have an open mind and understand that most of these are an acquired taste!!]

St. Mary’s Green Plantain Chips Original
St. Mary’s Banana Chips Original
St. Mary’s Banana Chips Barbeque
St. Mary’s Banana Chips (Kettle Cooked)
St. Mary’s Banana Chips Cheese and Onion
St. Mary’s Breadfruit Chips
St. Mary’s Cassava Chips Barbeque
St. Mary’s Cassava Chips Original
St. Mary’s Sweet Potato Chips Cheese and Onion
St. Mary’s Sweet potato Chips

*Moments later* So here I am, staring at the chips all laid out in front of me and I have no clue what to do. Don’t think I fully thought my plan through :S Maybe I should have done a VLog :S

*Opens first bag*


You know what, I’ll just randomly comment. Oh, in the above list… Green means ‘it a seh one’ (My patois isn’t though …), Orange means ‘I just don’t quite know how I feel about this’ and Red … well do I really need to spell that out?!  Again, opinions vary so some will love while others will wish they had left it alone.

The Banana Chips Cheese & Onion was delicious. That I’d buy again but while I admire the bold attempt to do the same with the sweet potato chips….alas …it just didn’t sit well with me.

Thumbs up for the Barbeque Cassava Chips! I walked around the house and passed the chips around. That’s a winner.

Breadfruit Chips are now my second favourite. 10 points extra for the salt kick at the end! *looks around for dad-he has a talent for yelling ‘Don’t eat the salt’ right at that moment when I’m about to*

Hands down the Plantain chips were the best! (Can’t really go wrong with those though) And though they maimed my mouth; it was my fault – I was being to greedy and enjoying it too much, I WANTED EVEN MORE!

Kettle Cooked vs the Original Banana Chips 

Wow .. tough one but in the end the Kettle Cooked had this ‘clean-ness’ for want of a MUCH better word. It felt like I was eating ‘healthy’ junk food.

Random Closing thoughts

I figure I just kissed any chances of being a food critic good bye. *Shame* But I hope that you enjoyed reading my randomness today DWL and if you’ve ever tried any of these do comment and let me know what you thought of them!

Also, I think that they all will go down even better when complimented with the perfect dip…. Guacamole or salsa any one?! Hummus is also delicious. That will be my next mission I suppose. Who knows what other random things I’ll do!


11 thoughts on “*Crunch…crunch* Munch on these!

  1. don’t know why I’m just seeing this but the kettle cooked all the way for me…It just tastes better to me…but be careful…them chips can leave you dehydrated and your mouth will take a punishment (tho I think you already learnt that lol)

    Very well done my dear critic

  2. THIS IS GOOD STUFF. you have my mouth watering. which brand does that ripe plantain chips? those are to die for! of course banana chips is always number 1. 😀

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