Have you been to Hampden Estate?

Hampden estate is one of the oldest sugar plantations still in operation in Jamaica and claims over 3500 acres. It is renowned throughout Jamaica’s rum history for its full, intensely flavorful pot still rums and most recently the ‘Rum fire … Continue reading

All Hail Annandale; great Great House

Hope you enjoyed visiting Liberty Hill Great House and Geddes Great House with me! Next up is Annandale Great House, located outside the village of Epworth, near Ocho Rios. I was quite excited about this one since I was told that my grandfather once worked … Continue reading

Hidden Awesomeness in St. Ann (Part 1)

I have returned and I’m very sorry for the neglect but I can explain. You see, I’ve been angry/moody/plagued by randomness that can’t even be described and I thought I’d spare you from posts filled with self-loathing.  I took a … Continue reading