Geddy Ready to Go! (Part 2)

Once again I learned the hard way that MODERATION IS KEY!

Me: Everything seems easier when you’re just looking
Dad: Yea, that’s why most people just look

True words! My intended 2 minute outdoor exposure to natural light led me to see that the back yard was covered with leaves from the plum tree so I took my dear ol’ unfit self and began to rake. About an hour and two blisters later I was done and feeling pretty proud of myself. Then I woke up the next morning and could not move! Took me hours to fight the pain and GET OUT OF BED! The up side though was that Dad really appreciated the gesture 🙂

So now I am awake and feeling  a bit better – high on Ibuprofen. It’s time to continue my lil’ St. Ann adventure with you.

We went far far into the hills to get to this ‘Great’ House! My anticipation heightened when I started to glimpse parts of it and I began to wonder just what I would see.


View from the House – Then I ended up on the roof of the ‘Service Quarters’ and took one from there 

If ever there was a house that confused, intrigued and fascinated me the most, this would definitely be it! The house is a mystery in and of itself, I Was quite perplexed and even now I can’t figure out where the ‘main entrance’ is. The image below seems to be it though so I’ll go with that!

Also, there were two houses on the property, the second a more recent addition.

Welcome to Geddes Great House, located in Brittonville in the “garden parish”. It was built by Rev Geddes in 1792 and stands 1972 ft above sea level. (Cool huh?!) The Great House survived intact over the years that followed but began to fall into disrepair during the first half of the twentieth century. It landed in the hands of furniture designer Burnett Webster in 1962 and he undertook a complete programme of restoration and upgrading, installing bathrooms, kitchen, swimming pool and electricity, many of the furniture pieces found inside were built by him. It changed hands again and underwent even more restoration and modern additions.


The landscaping though is quite exquisite! Quaint courtyards flood the spaces as well as a tropical array of flowers. (Didn’t go over board with the floral shots this time around)


It felt surreal, as if I was experiencing a series of houses and as I walked though the spaces if found my self climbing and descending stairs of various types and landing in even more interesting and some peculiar rooms. I was told that one of the owners was quite eccentric. I do wish there was a better way to explain how it felt but I’m at a loss for words and sadly I feel that even my photos are inadequate.


AND THEN! I got to the Back/Back-Side… *confused much* of the house and it was if I’d entered another zone entirely. I’d taken a passage to India!




Hope you enjoyed! I’m now off to harass my mother for a massage *ouch*

If you missed Part 1 – Here it is: Hidden Awesomeness in St. Ann (PART 1)


13 thoughts on “Geddy Ready to Go! (Part 2)

  1. I was privileged to have had a ‘tour’ of the house in 1984. Wish I had taken more photos then, but have a few, & cherish the memories of this ‘Great House’. It was part of a ‘tour’ for my 80 yr old Mom on her her 1st flight, 1st time out of North America, and the unforgettable kindness of the Jamaican people to her. She regretted waiting so long to travel.
    As you say “Geddes Great House” was/is a very intriguing place. Wish we knew the whole ‘story’ of this magnificent piece of history….

    • Wow that’s great! Did it look very similar to the photos I took? I will try to get more info on it though. I too am quite fascinated and still in awe of the place. … I’m glad that she got the chance to travel and gain such a wonderful experience!

      • I think there have been up-dates since we were there. I do remember ‘horoscope’ signs in tiles at the far end of the pool (don’t think that ‘Indian’ style tower was there above that alcove tho’. Have photos in 2 bedrooms & 1 in the dining room (table set for about 8 or 10). I really enjoyed your photos. Thanks!

        • The signs are still there! I would really love to know why that was added. Great! Happy to know that my photos brought back good memories for you. Have a wonderful weekend! thankx for stopping by 🙂

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  3. Wow. This was really nice. Reminds of of a great house here in Barbados that I helped to do some drawings for when we were restoring it. Memmories :-). Lovely pics Toya

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