Letting go; one fictitious phobia at a time!

Well, when I started writing this one I was 100% sure that I could do it [hence the now seemingly misleading title]! Two (2) days later I realized that I had been way too ambitious!

…Mommy simply handed me the keys. I didn’t get ruffled by the lunatic who over took me near that narrow corner or feel my heart relocate to my throat at any time. As I write, my legs aren’t shaking and I feel just fine!

Took me long enough! Also, I promised someone that the next time I rolled into Kgn…. I’ll be behind the wheels! Watch out n Stay tuned!


I don’t know what stopped me from having a heart attack. I’ve never been more traumatized in my life! I really tried though but this ‘driving thing’ just isn’t for me 😥 I was supposed to drive back home (at night) but my lil heart would just give out. I apologized profusely but really, I just couldn’t …. you can kiss seeing me drive to Kgn goodbye!!

Still in shock …. on the road to recovery… P.S. I take it back .. this is very real. Sorry I let you down dad!

For more information on this rare but VERY NOT FICTITIOUS condition, check out https://ayooutloud.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/i-invent-phobias/


4 thoughts on “Letting go; one fictitious phobia at a time!

  1. You are a treat! Dont mean to be amused by this but you present it all in a very amusing way! Can i say that pic with dad sell off the whole thing. Its highly cute. Girl i am right there with you. 😦 😦 So i will be here to support you if u never want to drive again…..

    • Yea! everyone’s having a good laugh at my expense….lol I really thought I could get over it though! I really did … that post was to be about my triumph! *Sigh* 🙂 Thanks for the support!

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