Hidden Awesomeness in St. Ann (Part 1)

I have returned and I’m very sorry for the neglect but I can explain. You see, I’ve been angry/moody/plagued by randomness that can’t even be described and I thought I’d spare you from posts filled with self-loathing.  I took a refreshing break from my state to go exploring yesterday! Didn’t go very far; was right in the garden parish. It’s amazing that there are so many wonderful historic buildings that are carefully hidden in the hills and though the routes to get to them were rough and rocky, it was well worth it!

I have A LOT of photos so I think I’ll divide it lest I overwhelm! The first stop was Liberty Hill Plantation in Lime Hall [told you … I didn’t go far!], which was originally built in the 1740 at 1200 feet from sea level and was a thriving pimento plantation.

(It had cut stone walls but this has been covered-could see the outlines though)

I’d been there once before but this was the first actually going inside and I absolutely fell in love with the upstairs attic. They still had the ‘trap doors’ leading to spaces which were used to hide contraband.

 (Had to have a ‘B-W Study’)


Looking out from the window of another bedroom.

It also stands as an archaeological site as an Arawak kitchen, midden was found which is thought to have been used to supply Columbus and his men with food. Other artefacts were also discovered over the years.


 (Incorporating a water feature)

How could I forget, the garden and landscaping is lovely and I wouldn’t be Toya if I didn’t capture some of that. I WANT A SUNKEN GARDEN! *Bawl*

(I’m pleased to note that I found out that my camera has an option to NOT BE COLOUR BLIND – See the poinsettias? They are RED!




It’s undergone some what dramatic restoration and is now marketed as a destination for wedding, retreats and other such events. They also have a spa which uses numerous ingredients found on the property.


They use this to make loofah scrubs!


Finally! The breathtaking views. I couldn’t resit getting a panorama! You can see from Seville to Port Maria almost. Enjoy n look out for PART 2 

$100.00 phone card if you can guess how many photos were seamed together 😛 Click on the image and leave you ‘guess’ (Sorry, Valid only for Jamaicans)

More info: Liberty Hill Great House


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