Going Green: It’s your Lucky Day!

Yet another first was St. Patrick’s Day. I could tell that it was serious business as decorations were up a week in advance and things had mysteriously became ‘green’ overnight!:IMG_0881




The plan for the day was to ‘celebrate’ with a group of my classmates so I took a lovely 45 min walk since the wonderfully convenient yellow cab’s number was busy. I guess I knew that was a possibility from before hand but at 7:30 in the morning it sure would have made life easier! Passed a few bands rehearsing and a few abandoned floats as well as everyone else walking in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION well equipped with chairs and coolers. Got to the house just in time for some green eggs and bacon then shortly after we were on our way to get some good views of the parade!




After breakfast it was time to go … our green party was ready to … rumble! 😀


My lucky clover sticker refused to stay on .. . but this price tag didn’t .. go figure 😛




This pic screamed MAKE ME VINTAGE LOOKING!!!


Stolen property … my folks raised me well .. returned it after the photo lol


More crazy head wear.,,


Somebody needed to tell this guy that the JOLLY guy wore red … oh well! Those poor confused kids!





Took a few secs out of chasing the parade (which we ended up nearly missing all-together) to hang up my ‘photographer role’ and be the model. Thanks Ita.


We gave up the chase shortly after .. for more reasons than one … and crashed in the park where …. everyone came out to play!: Horse riders and Kite flyers included



I just thought this was hilarious 🙂 random body parts in the air and all


While waiting for almost two hours to get a dinner reservation we were entertained by these two … in order to maintain my PG status, I shant say anything else ….


Highlight of my day was this sweet old man who gave me his beads 🙂


It was overall a pretty interesting day. Wish I got to see more of the parade but what an adventure did we have!!! Spent most of the day walking and even now my feet are still sore. They can’t wait to repay me for this non stop abuse!!!

8 thoughts on “Going Green: It’s your Lucky Day!

  1. Wonderful green post, excellent captured photos… 🙂

    You looks better much better wearing green than Santa… “lol” 🙂 😉

    About (img 0975) these green creatures are they space alien invaders..? ;.) 😉

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