You’ve got to Love Spring!


Through Forsyth Park.

Welcome to Savannah, with a Spring so beautiful it’s depressing! Why? That may just be for another post but I’m sure that you’ll agree with me … 1. there is something pretty special about this place and 2. that I really need to study the names of all these flowers!!


The Victorian District


Thought of Mommy 🙂


Forsyth again … this place is just so gorgeous!

LGC_Flowers1 IMG_0914 IMG_0886 IMG_0887IMG_0897 IMG_0898 IMG_0900IMG_0907 IMG_0909

IMG_1075 IMG_1076
IMG_1073 IMG_1065

Took the above photo especially for my Mom. Last but not least is my random photo addition .. can you spot the odd? (one day before St. Patrick’s :))



8 thoughts on “You’ve got to Love Spring!

  1. Post like this enough, and you’re going to convince us all to relocate to Savannah. I mean, seriously. Gorgeous.

  2. Really breathtaking. Its almost like the place was transformed to a new level of beauty right before my eyes. No wonder you love Savannah so much. Who wouldnt?

    • hahaha well I think he was the first green person I saw lolol even more ridiculous was when one of the gi-normous horses passed by him… just added to the spectacle!

  3. It truly is! Hope you make it out here 🙂 It’s a cool experience for me now that I’ve actually been experiencing ‘seasons’ and not just hot and rainy lol

  4. Gorgeous! Those are azaleas and camellias, among others. What colors! I love the seasons and sadly miss them here in the tropics, where it’s pretty much the same all year round… What a beautiful town. I must visit there one day!

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