Tickling the Tastebuds with Laziza

“…and what do you call that?” I asked while mentally preparing to remember some strange-sounding name. ‘Oh, that’s uhm…. tomato with cheese on top’ was his polite reply. -__-

Food + Egyptian + Lebanese were the words that caught my attention. The Lunch buffet sign on the window however was the deciding factor – my weight woes were forgotten for that moment it seems – gained 2 lbs since I’ve been on break :O

Location: Marietta Square, GA
Fun Fact: Home to Lizards and Lollipopz (quirky name for a  toy store but a quite clever creation of an 8 year old), Doodlebugz (very random odds n ends store), Shop Til’ You Drop (I REFUSED to go in there so I can’t say anything about it), Go Fish, Just Kiln’ Time (decorate your purchase), Vintage-ology, Hollie Guacamole, Miss Mamie’s Cupcakes & Such,  Hair Art and some other normal-sounding named stores.


Quite family oriented but a really nice reminder.

Very homey feeling ….now wondering what’s going on with the seemingly random letter placement on the tree.

LGC02A friendly waiter led me through this ‘tunnel’ (which gave a glimpse into the kitchen where a rather shy looking female chef was busy preparing some meat kind) and into the dimly lit buffet area.

It was a quiet day but a few customers came in, had their fill and left looking satisfied.

LGC04The hot pita bread was delicious and when I bit into the one at the bottom I realized it was a pocket that I eventually stuffed some hummus in. YUM!

Round 1 was the falafel, some kind of rice – he told me and at the time I was positive I’d have remembered .. hence I didn’t write it down.  A chicken dish, hummus and a tangy vegetable compilation.


Round 2
The falafel was my favourite so  had another. I tried stuffed eggplant and Kefta (meatballs) in a tomato base … tasted like lasagna without the pasta though the potatoes could have been the apt alternate. I also tried a vegetarian bean disk of red beans and chick peas …was also good when I put it in the pita bread.


By this I was stuffed so I whipped out my art book and did a quick sketch of a photo in my phone. Was also my first time drawing solely with pen. Thinking of doing a bit more to it though sooooo may update:


I then managed to work up just enough f an appetite for dessert! Baklava, a turkish pastry, a VERY sweet corn bread and fresh fruit.


Finally it was time to saw good-bye to my two new Egyptian friends. 🙂



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