1 down … 1 to go1

Needless to say I have been busy! These past months have been hectic and sometimes stressful but I finally found a way to significantly reduce the stress factors while still maintaining a good level of productivity.  Can you believe that I have finish the first of two years!? Seemed like yesterday that I boarded the plane, uncertain of what was in store for me but eager to start a new adventure.

There were so many memorable and a few forgettable moments but in the end I’m happy to have this break – though I can’t understand why I woke up at 8:30 am this morning!

Once again I’ll share with you my studio project by copying a few slides from the final process book. This was the second quarter spent working on the Fashion Museum Project


ANALYSIS Slide3 Slide27


ALTERATIONS TO FLOOR PLAN .. the upper plan gave me the most heart ache and hell …. even now I still feel it could be further resolved but … Slide52





The day before crit was most memorable. I’d managed to endure an ‘all-nighter’ and  was banging on Staples’ door minutes before they opened. Despite that effort I didn’t get my work printed till 4pm! Crazy huh!

It was quite a race to the finish line and I could not have done with without my support group 🙂

THE FINAL BOARD – Click to see it bigger!!!!

Latoya Campbell Final Presentation Board

16 thoughts on “1 down … 1 to go1

  1. Beautiful art work Ayo.,architect is many arts in one.You are a gifted arts.Thank you for liking my post (loving my woman) Best regards. Jalal

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  3. Thanks for sharing,

    So happy for you! One year down, you go!!

    Looks like you put in a lot of hard work. Good for you. Congratulations on your many successes!


    • lol yea sorry didn’t realize that it was so large .. may just resize it lol

      Yup all o that went into it! Thankful that nothing crashed on em this time!!!! Wooooo

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