Blast from the Past 2

It seems as if the nostalgia of two years ago was not enough for me!

Labour Day initially found me labouring hard in bed despite the noise all around me – apparently there was a huge fight over the saltfish fritters and I was lucky to have gotten any at all! I decided to attack a certain pile in my old room that would convince anyone I’m a hoarder :S There were projects from high school, test papers (only keeping the one’s with high marks so my future nieces will think I was ridiculously smart), art work and a host of other random evidence that I was indeed one of the ‘nerdy kids’ who loved projects so much that I went all out on a project on noise pollution which was given as punishment by our prefect for making too much noise in the class. Basically:

In the first years of high school I was obsessed with Destiny’s Child, and a bit less with Alicia Keys, Aaron Carter and Lil Bow Wow! WOW. (Blame Disney channel!) Spice Girls was more of a Prep School craze.

I hated writing conclusions in essays… Actually, it seemed that I hated ending essays. (Mrs. Foster, I’d like to take this time to apologize for being one of your best and worst students @ the same time!)

Hated studying even more and so I would set mock tests for my friends and have them do it then mark them. I learned from their mistakes.

Then I got to the start of CSA days and that was another whirl wind. seeing those ‘hand studio’ technical drawings I’d slaved and shamelessly cried over really brought back memories. I kept those though! The rest I took photos of and painfully set on a heap to vanish without a trace. They got damaged anyway. 😦


 … Otherwise …

My biggest (well….) disappointment in College – A..K.A. The play that never was!

Apparently I made a ‘newspaper’ for a college group project I had to do.

Random chalk pastel drawing I found in a very large sketch book 🙂 think this was for ‘threshold’ project which found me using plaster, flour, paper,   tissue and God knows what else I had found to make my ‘beautifully-disastrous model’ that earned me a BOLD B!

Those sexy bubbles that stole the attention from the rest of my Al brought Together (ABT) Rural Project that was described as a cool death trap 🙂

🙂 The Shantoya wall – Created to ‘keep in touch with ma roomie’ because We hardly saw each other! My dorm room was more of a ‘storage container’

Could go on a bit more and tell you about the 7″ cheer leading skirt I dug up from my college days ….  but I’m feeling a lazy vybe over take me. I just love digging up memories! Don’t you??!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Blast from the Past 2

  1. hahaha I fear it’s genetic ..think my parents still have my Kindergarten exam papers
    Well that is true… I figure in another 5 years I’ll be more willing to let go of a couple more things! All in time.

  2. Yes, you are a hoarder!! I am busy throwing out a lot of memories… Except the special ones! But then, I am quite a bit older than you… The past is the past…

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