The English vs The Spanish @ Seville

I’d thought that the freak rain-sun fight on Friday was a clear indication that Saturday would be quite bleak. Thankfully I was proven wrong and knew I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to spend  a couple hours with KeVie and the field school team from UVA/UTech this year who are staying in Falmouth. I must say the weeks are going dreadfully fast and I’m trying really hard to keep up. Quite traumatized also am I by the PCT (Patty consumption Tax – as my sis calls it ha) that’s being added. I spent the entire day lamenting about that. Nothing else really seemed to bother me more though I’m positive that there is far worse going…well….On the up side, it took em two years but it’s good that they’ll increase the tax-free threshold…. hoping to read more about that in Petchary’s Sunday Steam. Perhaps one day I’ll express my thoughts on this ‘paradise’ we live in. Alas I have digressed, so without further ado….. let’s get on to Seville.


I’m probably thinking ‘gee, sure glad I wore this hat but not so much these flip flops!’

The adventure began when I got to the St. Ann’s Bay bus park and tried to get a taxi. There weren’t many there and none seemed willing to take me. Eventually they ushered me into  a taxi while simultaneously warning me that the driver had just gotten out of jail and…I won’t even repeat the rest!  :S At that point I just wanted to get where I was going so I messaged his license plate number and gave as best a description as I could to KeV … just to be on the safe side. As you can see… I got there in one piece and safely joined the group.

2011lgc1  2011lgc

Since the Museum section was closed – they are still refurbishing etc., we toured the grounds and got more information on the various sections of the property. If it’s one thing I’ll never forget, it’s that silly song I made up in high school to remember when the English captured Jamaica from the Spanish. 1655!

2011lgc8 <— Gives an idea of what the Overseer’s House possibly looked like.  

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It was quite interesting to note the set up of both the Spanish and British establishments, now ruins with the exception of the Great House  which houses a museum filled with many archaeological treasures that represent the numerous inhabitants of the area over the centuries (currently being renovation).  The My biggest regret though was the spontaneous decision to wear my flip flops. I got over it quickly and focused on that lovely foot soak I’d give myself when I got home. I realized though that what I thought it would be like was far different from its present state: Exhibits A and B below. Amazingly though the ruins have not changed at all. Really hope that something is done about the over growth or I may just have to take matters into my own hand. Post Labour Day Project?

2011lgc7 2012-08

2011lgc6 2012-06

With that said I take my leave and go back to fighting this splitting headache that’s been bothering me since yesterday…. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (not that I have any now!)


Back home where I looked out on my verandah and enjoyed the view for a while before retreating to my ‘cave’! [bedroom]

And though there’s a 0.0001% chance he’ll ever see this – to the gentleman who was kind enough to attempt to make me feel comfortable while seated in a rather crammed taxi thank you! Sorry-ish for rnnning off so fast when you tried to make conversation but I lack certain social graces sometimes.


Seville Heritage Park (PDF)

Seville Heritage Park 2

6 thoughts on “The English vs The Spanish @ Seville

  1. ok…so I’ve never been to Seville, I need to change that before the overgrowth makes the trip akin to visiting the Amazon (only forest I can name). A St. Ann’s Bay taxi takes you straight there?

    • haha yes you ought to! Perhaps they will have it cleaned up a bit soon! I imagine they may host an event for the independence celebrations (not entirely sure). They told me that taxis do not go there unless chartered so I paid 300…. maybe you might be able to negotiate with them. I know that people live in that area though – not sure of their mode of transportation.

  2. It really does! I’ll try to keep informed on its progress.
    Yes I noticed! Quite an inspirational addition as well! I usually read and comment .. just been a bit tired this week! Will check it out!

  3. Phew! Sounds like a pretty hectic day. Thanks for the link to my blog. Ah, the tax threshold issue – well yes, it was raised but in my view it is still pathetically low… I have never been to Seville. It looks fascinating and steeped in the past, but is anything going to be done about sprucing it up and making it into more of an “attraction”? Were there any other boards explaining what was what? Hope the taxi/heat-induced headache has subsided now…

    • It was but I quite enjoyed it! Thank you. And you’re welcome .. I enjoy reading your weekly summaries. Feel a lil more in tune with what’s going on on this little island.

      When it comes to governance I think one would be forever disappointed to have high expectations so as low as it may be …. better than nothing (sad way to have to view things though) even though that won’t be implemented until January.

      Well it’s under renovation. Will find out the full extent but there should be a museum shop included and there’s quite a bit going on now .. has been from last year actually.

      Re signage there were quite a few all around which gave good information on some other ruins around .. I particularly liked the overseer’s house so i guess I focused more on that.

      I’m fine today thankfully! 🙂

      • Glad to hear you are better! The heat is pretty tough at the moment, I know. I am glad to hear that they are working on improving the site, it sounds as if it has a lot of potential – for Jamaicans as well as overseas visitors. I’m glad you like my weekly blogs (I write in between as well and have started a series of African news, this week!) Please leave a comment if you wish… All the best.

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