Moving on up …

… It’s official … I was served an eviction notice and little by little I had to move all my things from the 3 x nuff rectangle that I made a room/apartment/escape from the world for some time. Not to worry, I had a place to go. So now, I’m quite pleased that I have internet access still though I’m limited to a certain area of my room ha and can be typing my life away in the comfort of my new room 😀 Yay ME! Someone who shall remain nameless is ‘roughing it out’ on  a blow up bed downstairs DWL…well she was at the time that I’d started writing this.

There’s so much that’s been going on . … the move especially but most of all …Austin .. who has already been introduced to his grandparents, grand aunts and uncles …. god father … yup that’s ma baby! Nikey you are still fondly remembered. I haven’t had much time for him though but I intend to in the weeks to follow. Just have to clear ma mind and set my ‘to do list’ up!


So said so done … we went on a fantastic little adventure today and I thought I’d share some of the photos that came out of it …. for those who are clueless as to who/what Austin is, I’ll fill you in ….

If that isn’t clear enough then .. WOW …

Soooo we drove and drove and drove a bit more till we got to Boscobel. Haven’t been to that side in a while –

IMG_0333 IMG_0338

 found the modes of transport quite interesting though….


….we got to a lovely parcel of land with a great view! Pretty nice indeed though the sun was a bit too intense for my liking, even with the hat on!

IMG_0403 IMG_0357

Needless to say hunger kicked in so we ended the excursion at Scotchies where i got my grub on with some delicious seafood soup, jerked chicken sausage and festivals. As always they didn’t disappoint me! Now I know that ‘normal’ people would take tons of photos of the food but I’m ‘special’.  Naturally my eyes diverted to the gorgeous flowers and magnificent array of hibiscus around and I knew that I had to capture as much as I could. I call this set “Ode to the HIBISCUS’


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I got home, dad asked if I’d seen the Lily …. absolutely lovely – don’t you agree?



12 thoughts on “Moving on up …

  1. ooo T your pics are always fantastic, the first one kinda had me like “what???” lol, awesome job with the photoshop! and what move are you talking about???

  2. What an excursion, makes me miss JA more and more… not to mention the SEA FOOD!!! hmmm.. *wipes drool from mouth*

    • Yes! That soup was real good … you could see the seafood lol .. . and taste the flavour as well! Well get yourself back here! but only if you get a decent job first lol 🙂

  3. Lovely! I would be looking at the flowers, too. The coastline along Boscobel is getting built up but it’s still nice up on the hill looking down… Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

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