Fire, Fire!

I looked up at the sky and was positive that a storm was heading our way. The weather here has been much more psychotic than normal so even though it seemed sunny, anything was possible. As we continued along, one thing became clear; this was no ordinary storm. In fact, we soon realized it was no storm at all. It was smoke! Something big was happening and well …. curiosity got the best of us so we went for a ride. We weren’t the only ones with the same idea though as cameras randomly stuck out from car windows.

Apparently a warehouse exploded and went up in flames sending out thick clouds of smoke that could be seen miles away. Thankfully none was hurt and though I was happy to get some cool shots, my sympathy goes out to those persons who will be affected by this. IMG_9681 IMG_9684 IMG_9689 IMG_9705 IMG_9714 IMG_9717_1 IMG_9727In other news, I have quite a bit of catching up to do … I have yet to tell you about our five minutes of snow! Sadly it wasn’t enough ground cover to be visible but it was enough apparently to shut SCAD down for two and a half days! It was pretty icy though! Thank goodness for my lined gloves that keep my fingers warm on those off days.



6 thoughts on “Fire, Fire!

  1. Oh wow, those photos look amazing, but I hope the people involved were all OK. We haven’t had any snow at all here in the UK, I was hoping for some but it’s just been rainy 😦 Great photos, and sorry I haven’t commented in such a long time! – Tasha xxx

    • thank you. yes no one was physically hurt but I can imagine they are devastated by their loss!

      It rained here today and was very cold. Weather is terrible this winter bu it could be worse so I count my blessings!

      I haven’t been as active as in the past so I totally understand but thanks so much for stopping by.
      always love reading your comments. Need to head over to your page as well and get up to date with you!

      Best and keep warm!

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