1, 2, 3, 4,…8,…16-24*

First off, congratulations are in order for making up the most random of titles for this one :D. After much consideration I realized that even though I have usually made a big deal about ignoring my birthday … they’ve almost always been days with me being a superstar! Don’t believe me? OK fine … here’s proof! Special thanks to mommy for so lovingly gathering the photos from my earlier years.It wasn’t until after 2005 that technology kicked in hard for me (I think …’cause I can’t find any digital pics before that). So thanks for the people who’ve tolerated my madness and for the subtle traditions that have made each year great! I know, I know .. I’m a lil late but oh well!

(1) Well Obviously I have no recollection of this but grandpa must have been quite proud of his messy lil grand daughter – all the pics had me fixated on the ice covered balloon thingys

1st Birthday 3

(2) I can’t recall this one either but you know your party ‘sell off’ if you have at least 3 cakes and one is in the shape of a barbie 😀

 2nd Birthday

(3) Chelle Belle’ and I lol she is too cute!

3rd Birthday

(4) Think this is my fav pic! I think I eventually grew into my forehead 🙂

4th Birthday


(8) when wearing shirts with monkeys was cool 🙂 My best friend in the whole world at the time Phiona and the entourage of party guests 🙂 No more barbie cakes

 8th Birthday


(17) The party of parties in my College year 🙂 I do remember planning every detail of this months in advance then not wanting to go on the day -_- Typical Toya Behavior


My 18th 🙂 With my inscribed  birthday bun … unforgettable to say the least


(19)  Was a pretty fun one .. harassed the classmates in the day then it was off to Cuddyz where Celia presented her home made bday cake 😀 …. Do vividly remember the outside after party with a certain person laying in the road and a scary mad man 🙂

19th (2)

I do believe I was in Kingston for the 20th too but I went home for the weekend to celebrate with my sister and take our tradition of glamour shots and portrait photos at the studio

 20th (4)

(21st) I realize my numbering system is a bit off plus I’m now struggling to keep up with my age …. more classmate harassment, fueling my pastry passions addiction, hanging with ma cuz n uncle 😀 and my super short hair! 🙂


22222222222222 lol ok 22nd Awesome family filled day somehow got t KGN in the night to celebrate   😀 not missing any chance for a photo with dad

22nd (1)with my Uncle

23rd – *blink* I don’t even need to talk about this one 🙂

23rd (1)

I look horrendous at 24 but my flatmates got me out of bed at 12 (I wasn’t feeling well) to a pleasant surprise 🙂 Really loved my cake 😀


Based on my calculations, next year I will be 1/4 of a century :O I can’t say I’m excited about that but we’ll cross that lil bridge when we reach it!

4 thoughts on “1, 2, 3, 4,…8,…16-24*

  1. hahahah after careful deliberation I have concluded that the School(s) of Architecture is what happened haha 🙂

    Thank you!!!!! Yep I liked the short hair era too

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