Sunshine and Soca at the 15th International Festival!!

It’s been a while since I’ve delved into the rich cultural diversity overflowing in Savannah. I’ll take you to the 15th annual International festival held by SCAD at Forsyth park. The rain knew better than to fall for three consecutive days and though the grass was still a lil damp it was an absolutely beautiful day for the event. I missed a bit of the entertainment but the best was definitely left for last and a band called Mystic NRG  thrilled us all with their upbeat performance. I got a nice pre-birthday party from that and enjoyed every bit of the soca that they dished out. 🙂 Ok .. here are the thousands of words for you to decide if it was a great day or not …..

The line-up ….. they really were down to the minute and promptly ended at 4pm even though the crowd was nowhere near ready to go home.


Welcome to Forsyth

lc2 lc3 lc4

One of the 25 booths out – this student run group was all about printmaking. Pretty cool.


THE FLAGSSSS that are ever present at a legit International Student Services –  ISSO event!


The SCAD ‘school’ bus

lc8 lc9

The Brazilians gave us a show with their capoeira demonstrations.

lc10 lc11

Chinese traditional instrument.


Chinese Blossom Dance.


SALSA SAVANNAH! rrrrr sexciiiii


Turkmenistan outfit.


Uhmmmm ….  *sigh* ……


Everytime I was set to take his photo ..some random head photo-bombed. I like this one though.




Caribbean Booth reppin’ Carnival lc20

Painted dolls


I suppose I should ave bought one of these for my impending condition:


*giggle* I resisted the urge to buy this and instead went for the charcoal soap which has been working pretty well so far.


Lunch – falafel and hummus wrap. YUMMY … soo yummy that I just made my own hummus and can’t wait to upload this post so that I can get my pita hummus sandwich made 😀lc24

My classmate reliving her childhood days and bartering with the kids for swing time 🙂 lc25

and away we gooo … till ext year!



6 thoughts on “Sunshine and Soca at the 15th International Festival!!

  1. It looks so much fun! Truly international, and a great turn-out. And you do know that hummus is seriously addictive don’t you? Oh, it’s probably too late… 🙂

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