Leaving on that midnight (bus) to Georgia & other stories

bitch up new year

Quick thing ok!

In retrospect … It was an insane idea to book a 1 am trip with a layover at 3 in the morning. Who does that -_- Well…. Me and a few others apparently. On the bright side I managed to still be awake to catch an awesome and my first sunset in a very long time. Austin slept through it so no photo 😦

But I’ve gone ahead of myself with this story so shall we backtrack a bit! Arrived at the bus station an hour before as stated on the ticket only to be told that you just wait until the bus arrives then you get on. Thankfully it was on-time and the journey officially began while I wiped away the tears I begged not to come when I bid my cousin farewell.

‘May’ I sit here? I asked. ‘Sure … I don’t bite…’ was the reply from the young man I later nicknamed Mr. Butter. Well that was simply because the next thing he said was ‘butterscotch?’ And handed me one. This went on for long enough for me to think that he had an endless supply of it and of pleasant conversation. I know I shouldn’t take candy from strangers but it was butterscotch!!!

We finally got to Orlando and I was already feeling like a hot mess despite another million dollar hair do. Was a bitter sweet moment bidding Mr. Butter good bye and as a parting gift he shared a real one from England. Hope he and ruby (yea, another on the spot nickname) last forever 🙂 There was drama though – for instance me almost missing the next bus … but that’s a lil embarrassing to detail and I’m trying to keep this short so …

You don’t usually meet more than one awesome person in such a short span of time. That I confirmed when my next seat-mate, Mr. Million Gold Teeth didn’t wake me and let me know I ought to get off the bus too. Such is life.

I retracted my statement later when I met another young man in the terminal lounge during the wait for the next transfer… He was also going to Savannah and was a future missionary who was trying to be fluent in Arabic, I think. Ended up getting rows for ourselves on the bus and I did not hesitate to sprawl out!

Got to Savannah around 12:45 glad for the new experience, inspiring people I met and vowing to never again be so wicked to myself in more ways than one .

_ No numbers were exchanged in the process and I’ll probably never see any of those people again but I thought of this video 🙂 Spread a lil love and kindness to one and you’d be amazed by how much it reciprocates!_


I’ll just do a super mass post especially since I’ve pretty much already done my YEAR IN REVIEW <- If you haven’t seen it then go check it out..If you did check it out AGAIN cause I made a few changes.. P.S. There are about a million links in there – I’ll know if you didn’t click.

I wanted to do a big ol’ thank you round up but that’s just going to end up with me crying my eyes out and well … AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!! (the gif refused to work lol)

I have a ball to attend in a few hours.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a big fan of New Years Resolutions but I promise one thing – I’m giving up Sims social!!!!

See you Next YEAR ..MWAHHHHH


7 thoughts on “Leaving on that midnight (bus) to Georgia & other stories

  1. Girl!! why didn’t you ask me? I greyhound all the time (do Amtrak next time! Quicker, no layovers and more comfy and more scenic) :). I’ll try to see you soon, I have no car so it’s harder but who knows I may be there all summer this year 🙂

    • lol kool Yea!! I realized it would have been faster and even more comfortable but all the times would have gotten me there in the night. So that ended up being my only option. Hope to try the train at some point though!!!

      Really? That’d be cool … You have my number right?? Or message me your on fb! If I leave it may not be till June.

  2. I have enjoyed your blog thoroughly my dear, throughout the year. It’s so REAL. It’s always interesting – these chance meetings with odd people you happen to be sitting next to, and will never meet again… Life is fascinating. Have a wonderful 2013!

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