Days on the Railroad

Looking back I realize that I’ve never made any mention of a trip to the Rail Way museum so I combined a few shots from my 2012 visit with KeVaughn and Vicky with shots from my most recent visit. The major difference however was the weather so it’s pretty obvious which are different; the ‘sunnier’ ones are from 2012.

Not only did I mix the years … I also mixed in miniature models with the real thing along with Chris’ antics at the end πŸ™‚ Enjoy!


The Roundhouse Railroad Museum renamed as the Georgia State railroad Museum, when it was made a National Historic Landmark


It was the oldest and largest existing nineteenth-century railroad operations and handled freight, passengers, maintenance, and manufacturing at this single location


A short train ride took us from the turntable and up and down the track.


Caught a view of my hall


took one last look t the train before continuing the tour




Waving Lady!


A very detailed model of Savannah and the old railway




I’ve been working on the railroad


On a lovely day the workers garden is beautiful


Actually…. It’s still beautiful on a cold and wet day… even when the leaves are all faded




Chris had a mini identity crisis lol and watched himself get away πŸ™‚


Break a few rules along the way…


…The rest is history!

All in all, both visit were very memorable, ending with a good ol’ southern meal at the Whistle Stop Cafe’


6 thoughts on “Days on the Railroad

  1. Love the pictures…they are great! When I was in high school, they used to have concerts in that place. It was was just called the Roundhouse and the stages were set up under the parking bay.
    I saw lots of big name band (at that time) come thru there.
    Tell Chris I said hey.

    • Thank you! That sounds like a really cool venue for concerts. Wonder if they’d ever start that up again. Hmmnnn

      Will do! Hope all’s well with you and your family. Best wishes πŸ™‚

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